Connecting with Congress

Connecting with Congress

Learn how Congress can be your friend and best tool in mobilization and making a difference in other communities. A guide to easily communicating your concerns to people who will make it count.


Ever received an email from The White House? No? Same-- until a few weeks ago. Honestly I felt really cool when I saw the President's signature and an official stamp at the bottom of an email addressed to me, and it was actually not as hard as I thought it would be to accomplish. First, I found a key bill that I was passionate about- The International Affairs Budget. I simply drafted an email voicing my concerns and why I think that this bill should be supported and eventually passed. The President-- and Congress-- will never see something that doesn't get sent, and the chances that Congress or someone on their team will see it increase exponentially with each person who sends something. Although Mr. Trump didn't end up agreeing with what I had to say, I felt accomplished for getting the word out there and into somewhat of a consideration. So now it's your turn, find a key bill or topic that you think is important and WRITE,CALL, or EMAIL the Congressional leaders (or the President if you're feeling lucky!) today and say something about it! Every little (or long) email counts!

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