Growing Through Connection
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Student Life

Growing Through Connection

Growing up is tough, but it shouldn't scare you.

Growing Through Connection
Dineslav Roydev // Unsplash

Growing up is a pain, isn't it?

Figuring out how to budget, what credit is, and discovering who you are is not an easy task. It requires immense consideration and critical thinking about the decisions and pathways you could have taken.

A crucial step to growing is reflecting on where you are and where you were in your life. I am constantly reflecting on how much I have changed in the past four years. I think about the kinds of friends I had, the clothes I wore, and the kinds of activities I engaged in. I wanted to do a lot of the stuff that I am now actually doing. However, it took me a long time to feel comfortable with the things I wanted to do. I had to understand who I was and who people were.

I had to understand the interactions I would be having, and dauntingly, I had to ask a lot of questions to the right people.

Asking the right people the right questions is your fastest way to get quality answers. As much as we can rely on Google, we miss out on a human interaction and the opportunity to get a realistic perspective on the subject. Moreover, Google cannot explain to us why we feel the way we feel. It cannot explain our humanity. Google can tell us facts; but people can tell us opinions. We learn about the experiences a person has had and what led them to be who they are now. Moreover, we need to engage with one another, and what better way than by asking a question and starting a conversation?

Ways to get involved:

Volunteer - there are numerous non-profits always looking for people to help out. The best part about volunteering is it's gratifying work! You know that you are actively helping the community.

Join a club - find other people that share your passion. This is a great way to expand your knowledge as well as connect with your community.

Start a club - can't find a club for what you're interested in? Start your own!

Attend local events - check out your local website and you should find a listing or calendar of events being held. Another option, if you have a Facebook, is scrolling through the events and seeing what's interesting.

Our growth goes hand-in-hand with our community and the responses we get from it. We need to be able to engage with people and groups of people to understand different perspectives.

We need to be aware and be in a constant state of growing.

There is no final growth as there are a vast array of experiences to experience. Mindfulness is what I am aiming towards here. A sense of understanding and awareness of the world and of our selves, emotions, thoughts, and sensations.

There is no slowing down, from the moment you were born, you are growing. It is nothing to be afraid of, but something to be aware of, something to be embraced and cherished.

So keep in mind, we are all growing and all have to get connected. Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions, and make sure to return the favor.

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