Your college years are the time in your life when so many new life experiences are made, when you learn countless new lessons, and when you start to find yourself and discover who you really are and what you were called to do.

But along with all of that, it's the time in your life when other people are completely honest and forward and tell you what they think of you, especially people of the opposite sex.

In my college years, I've personally made friends more with guys than girls and due to this, I've realized a lot of new things about myself that my girlfriends wouldn't have told me.

The main thing I've learned about myself from guys is that I'm very confident, and this confidence shines through whenever I'm talking to anyone.

At first, I agreed and took this as a compliment because they told me it was a very attractive quality to have.

But then something that one guy said to me made me think: I'm confident, but this confidence can apparently be intimidating.

Intimidating? I thought. I never thought of my confidence as intimidating.

I questioned the guy who told me this and asked him to elaborate. He told me that there was nothing wrong with my confidence of course, but that sometimes guys might find this confidence intimidating because I was so sure of myself as a person, and not many guys know how to react to that kind of girl.

Well, I'm sorry. But not really.

I never want to be something I'm not, and neither should anyone else. And no one else should try to change someone else just because they're "intimidated" by them.

Yes, maybe this is why guys are afraid to talk to me sometimes, especially if they're shy, but that doesn't mean they should be intimidated by me.

Intimidation, simply put, means frightening someone. Believe me, if you met me, I'm not at all a frightening presence.

That's why after that guy told me about my "intimidating confidence", I embraced it and further exuded my confident persona.

Never change who you are just because others may be "intimidated" because that won't benefit you in any way, but may be detrimental to your growth as a person.

Rather, take the negative things that people say about you like a grain of salt, and continue living your life and exuding your best self