Confessions Of An Alternative Weirdo
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Confessions Of An Alternative Weirdo

I have been living life alternative for 12+ years. From the way I dress to even my jobs, I am alternative.

Confessions Of An Alternative Weirdo
Invader Bethany

Hey I'm Invader Bethany. I have been living life alternative for 12+ years. From the way I dress to even my jobs, I am alternative. I have been a youtuber since 2008. I have been an indie horror actress, production assistant, and makeup effects artist since 2015. I even have an IMDb, signed a few autographs, and have had many articles written about the movies I was in. I love working on movies so much. In August of 2016, I started up my own small business called InvaderBethy Land. I do everything from digital art commissions to Graphic design projects to editing pictures and videos to fun little seasonal crafts for sale. My best selling product is my pet portraits which I currently make for $5. And of course I been writing articles for this site since 2016. Instead of writing about trivia or video games, this week I decided to write about myself. In this article I included some facts about myself, some of my likes and dislikes and a few small stories about what it was like for me growing up. Some of these, I realize, go into lengthy detail but I hope the stories will be both informative and entertaining. I don't open up often so many of these stories are my first time sharing them.

1. I Used To Dress Girly & Was Bullied A Lot Growing Up

In elementary school I wore bright colors, and flower print stretchy pants that came from Oshkosh. I wore jeans sometimes as well but I was an over weight kid and they were much more comfy than jeans, so I was dressed like this the majority of the time. I didn't realize how lame I was at first but when I did, I tried my best not to care. I was already getting made fun of for having learning disabilities, not wanting to run around the play ground like little idiotic Tazs from looney toons, and my love of Disney. Winnie the pooh got me in the most trouble with bullies since I had a pooh backpack and lunch box. I was considered lame and childish to like Winnie the Pooh even though we were still young kids in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade... I was called names, and some people used to trip me. I also had a bully on the bus who tripped me when I walked in the aisle way and would tie my shoe laces to the bus seat so I would fall over trying to get off the bus. Kids can be pretty mean.

I used to clean the teacher's black boards in 5th grade just so I wouldn't have to go outside and play sports with the other children during recess. Theres only so much kick ball, basket ball, and soccer one can take before they get tired of it. We weren't allowed to play in the grass or on the play equipment in 5th grade, so organized sports on or near the black top was the only option. If you weren't good, every one was upset at you and I was very aware that people didn't want me to be on their teams. There are worse things in the world than losing a sports game, but these kids couldn't see that. They took recess sports extremely seriously, so any mess up was not taken lightly, and non of the teachers called them out on their mean attitudes. We already had sports in gym class, so why play more of them an hour or so later? I wanted to play on the swings and on the slide, or play imagination games. Reading or drawing would of been great too. I loved art class and I liked reading books about animals that I got from the school's library. Maybe I was too much of a Robbie Rotten, but I didn't want to play team sports. I didn't want to listen to how much I sucked when I actually tried and I didn't want to be where I wasn't wanted. Wether I tried or not, there was no pleasing the other kids. You don't feel excluded cleaning black boards. Theres no teams to not pick you and its a difficult task to mess up. Its not like the blackboard will tell you that you aren't good enough to clean it. Plus its an important job. Blackboards don't just clean them selves.

As for the learning disabilities I mentioned earlier, I was in special classes for spelling/writing, and math help. I was also getting taken out of class for help with motor skills. We talked, practiced things like hand writing and played games with play doh, putting together puzzles, coloring, and taking buttons out of goo. The two ladies that ran the program were very nice and I liked talking with them and some of the other kids there. I remember one of the boys there who was in the program with me. He liked power rangers and cartoons. I liked talking with him the most when ever he was there. I looked forward to being taken out of class for this since it was such a good experience for me. I realize now, that I guess, I was considered special ed back then, but honestly they helped me out a lot. I was originally a kid that had trouble in many school subjects, I couldn't even cut paper with scissors well, I had difficulties pronouncing words and I also had to repeat one grade in elementary school, but now I'm a high school graduate who was in college for a few years. Even though learning and trying to do better in school was tough and frustrating for me in elementary school, the programs helped me out in the long run.

Big thanks to Jamie for being my best and pretty much only friend during 4th and 5th grade. I'm pretty sure you were my first real friend unless the girl scouts count but honestly, I think they just probably tolerated me at best sometimes. Girl scouts are one of those groups that you have to be nice to each other and accept each other. Its pretty much a troop rule. So I don't know if i was disliked exactly, but I know I didn't always fit in well. I didn't hang out with them at school or even outside of girl scout events that I can remember. And two of the girls who I ran into years later that were in girl scouts with me, gave me weird looks and didn't even want to talk to me after I explained who I was. However, you spent time with me when you didn't have to and I really appreciate it Jamie. We had a lot of fun hanging out. At least I did and it looked like you did too from what I can remember. I still have Beepany by the way. She and a few other dolls are in a box inside my closet. The frogs are gone though. I'm sorry I was so weird though. Thanks for sticking with me for a few years.

I didn't start dressing dark until the very start of middle school. It all started with band shirts, a pair of Tripp pants that I got from a yard sale, colored skinny jeans, random darker clothing finds from Kohl's (for some reason...) and accessories from hot topic. I'm sure hot topic was the gate way "drug" for many alternative people in America wether they were just kids wanting to try out something new for a short period of time or people trying to express who they really felt like they were on the inside. While in middle school I got interested in music, ghost stories, the paranormal, vampires, poetry, comics, star wars, and alternative fashion. It was a time back when emo was becoming mainstream but was I emo? Was I gothic? Was I a metal head? I didn't care. I wasn't going for a certain label. I was just trying to be me. Its not like my school had alternative kids I could hang out with anywise or many people with similar interests. Most of the other girls cared about celebrity and school gossip, weekend plans, and who they thought was cute which I found to be completely pointless. I already had a difficult time enough learning what school was trying to teach me. I wanted to pass my classes. I didn't want to talk about pointless girly stuff that wouldn't be relevant for long. While I had a few friends, I mostly just tried to make friends online while using the names Invader Bethany and Invader Beth.

In math class during 6th grade the teacher or school itself was experimenting with peer to peer teaching. We were put into groups for half the class time or more and during this time, we were expected to learn the math material, and work on the problems together. I unfortunately got put in a group with only these popular girly girls. All they wanted to do was talk about their pointless crap. They would not do any of the work what so ever. I've never been good at math and was getting extra help in elementary school just the year before, but now I had to figure out all this math for myself and do all the problems by myself. If I didn't I would of failed. This just made me dislike these girls even more. And when I didn't join in with their mindless rambling, they started to bully me.

Compared to the bulling I got in elementary school, the bullying actually got much worse. I became a very sad, angry, and frustrated person. I came home and cried most days. None of the "good" people such as teachers, adults, and students with good reputations helped me out. And the popular people that most everyone looked up to and and practically worshipped were the ones causing the issues. It was the "bad" kids with rough family lives, bad grades, teens from poorer families than the popular students and people that the teachers just didn't like very much who were the true MVPS. They stuck together and looked after their own. They could make any sad and frustrated teen feel like family. I remember back in 6th grade, this popular blonde girl (not naming names but you know who you are.) used to try to get people to hate me in all kinds of ways and went as far as to tell people that I bite people, drink blood, and convert people to my weird group (this was before twilight made vampires cool for a few years. Once Twilight was popular, I was not "cool enough" to be called a vampire any more). She yelled out loud in math class one day and told everyone there that I bit her. One, she had no teeth marks on her skin to back her story up and two, I had braces at the time which I'm pretty sure they would of got caught on her skin if I really did so. I even had to explain this bullshit to the school counselor when I was called into talk to them after this incident . Thankfully, another girl used to stand up for me in class and didn't take any of the the popular girl's bullshit. That girl was Courtney and she became my best friend. I ate lunch with her and hung out with her as much as I could. In return for her friendship and bully protection, I gave her part of my lunch each day and a container of school milk. Quite honestly she was the best and at school we were as close as Mario and Luigi lol.

While I was very happy to have Courtney's best friendship and the friendship of a few others (hi Kayla, Jimmy, Shirley, Susie, and Michael. Also, I guess, hi to Emily too even though we only sometimes got along and I got in school suspension from getting in a physical fight with you. There was a few good moments though so I guess you deserve a hi.), I started developing mental issues. In a world where "good" people treat others like crap, adults don't help those in need, and "bad" people treat each other as well as family, you can't help but start to think a little differently. "Good" was bad and "bad" was good.

By 8th grade, I started to fight back to defend myself and my friends. My first real fight was against Emily. She wasn't being nice to Michael. While I had a small crush on him, I highly respected Susie's and Michael's very cute relationship that they had at that time. I knew I wasn't really all that attractive or special back then since I was over weight, had braces and acne, so I didn't go after any guys or girls that I liked. I even once had a boy insult my appearance, tell me that I was an absolute nobody, that I wasn't going to go any where in life, that I should just end my life, and that it would never happen between us. Reason he sad that? There was a rumor going around that I liked him. lol... If I really did like him then it would of probably hurt a lot, but no, I was looking at your cute friend. Anyways, instead of bothering to get into relationships or showing that I was even capable of such emotions, I just tried to be as good of a friend to those who were nice to me as possible. And because of this, Emily not being nice to Michael didn't sit well with me. He was my friend, and so was susie. Other than me having had a tad bit of a crush on him, its just not right for girls to pick on guys since it isn't socially ok for guys to be mean back. Plus he didn't do anything mean to her in the first, so she had no good reason for what she was doing. In addition to that, she was bothering Susie so much by what she was doing, so much so that she talked to me about it in detail. Her and Michael were both very tired of dealing with her, and since Courtney also didn't like her, nor did many people that I knew, I thought it would be good to defend my friends, knock Emily down a peg for the sake of pretty much everyone around me, and teach her that what she was doing wasn't right. After the teacher left the room, Emily walked over to be mean to us. When she got over there, I stood up from my seat and quickly hit Emily so hard that her head snapped back from the impact and then I basically told her that she can't keep treating people this way. The door opened and I quickly sat back down in my seat before the teacher walked back in. Emily was still by us in a wtf just happened, that hurt, sort of daze look, so she got told to sit back down in her seat which was on the whole other side of the class room. After class, I got a bunch of compliments and thanks from other students who were tired of her. I told them that it was nothing, I was just tired of how she treats everyone and that none of us should have to put up with her. Shortly after she got cornered and attacked by a small group of students who were tired of her bullshit. Now that I hit her, they wanted their turn too. Later that day me and another girl had to go to the principal's office for what happened. I got in school suspension for punching Emily. I figure she either told on us both or we were caught on one of the security cameras that they had around school. Another possibility is that word just spread out fast about what had happened moments before. That wasn't my last fight with her though nor anyone else's. One time it was so bad, a huge hole in the wall needed repaired due to Emily's impact against it. People used to talk about me though out school. I was the "gothic badass" who stood up for others by beating up Emily, and caused damage. That story and rep fallowed me all the way to two different high schools. People even occasionally told the story in 11th and 12th grade even though it was something that happened 4 to 5 years ago.

Another thing I did in middle school was throw desks. I mean they are the cheap and very small desks made for students, but i guess it was unique enough for people to talk about. Quite honestly, the easiest way to make someone go way without having to put forth a lot of physical effort is to forcibly shove your desk into them and if that doesn't work, throw your desk a short distance. You don't even have to hit them with the desk throw. They normally get the message as they almost get hit by a desk and will give up. You can also use the legs of the desks to smash toes or slam into their bodies to cause more pain. After awhile all I had to do is pick up the desk and they would get scared enough to leave me alone. Text books also make good weapons to hit people with. I never started shit or looked for trouble. I only did this stuff to defend myself from bullies and to defend my friends or other people who asked for my help if they had a good enough story as to why I should help. However, school doesn't take well to fighting and my using a desk as a weapon technique to bring about fear will likely get you in a lot of trouble. It got me in some trouble back then and it would likely get others in even more trouble today because of stricter anti bullying policies. By the end of the 8th grade school year I was on semi ok terms with Emily and all the other mean kids completely left me alone. Heck, I even got in a small bit of trouble with her at least one time that I can recall.

But Courtney was sadly not there any more at the very end of 8th grade. The police came one day to school and she was one of the students that they removed. I spent the rest of the school year being really sad all the time and only working on school work. I later found out that she was put into Antietam academy for high school. Its one of those alternative schools for troubled kids with behavior and emotional issues. They accept both middle and high school students there. I was there once for summer school. They have cameras every where and the bathrooms are inside the class rooms. Its a very secure place and a some what scary place.

I'm glad it didn't have to be my high school. I was lucky enough to be able to go to a traditional high school and then I went to a tech school for my last two years of high school. I didn't have to fight anybody. I just focused on school work and was able to make a small group of friends. I was asked once in 9th grade to help somebody with a fight because of my middle school experiences, but I told them that I was done fighting unless I really had to. I do too much damage. I didn't want to cause pain to anyone who didn't deserve it nor did I want that rep to fallow me all the way to college or get into even worse trouble if it could be helped. Despite not fighting any more, the last half of senior year was a little crazy though and I barely graduated but thats a story for another day.

I still talk to Courtney today. She hasn't had it very easy with her family life or with her health. Sadly she has lupus that often puts her in the hospital. Shes been in and out of the hospital so much since she was around 15. But honestly, she is a great person with a kind heart, and has two really great kids. I like to hang out with her when I can and we have had some good times between going to the carnival, hanging out at the drag strip and going to the movies. I'm proud to have her as my Cuzo and one of my best friends.

Also shout out to Andrew, Buchanan, and Billy for being the rare kind of cool kids in middle school that were nice to everyone no matter who they are. I really appreciated it a lot and still appreciate the bit of kindness you used to show me in school. Not a lot of people liked me, or wanted anything to do with me, but you guys were never mean to me and it meant a whole hell of a lot to young me.

2. School Subjects

My favorite subjects to study in school is art, psychology, and science. I also really like history too depending on what time periods are being talked about. Art has always been my most favorite though ever since I was in elementary school. I enjoy making both traditional and digital art. I like drawing, sculpting, and painting. My favorite things to draw are animals, and items such as furniture and things laying around the house. As for digital art, I also enjoy drawing animals. I draw pets and make cartoony furry art. I also enjoy graphic design. I like making flyers, posters, magazine covers and packaging designs. In a few more semesters I could have a graphic design degree. However college is expensive, and I don't currently have reliable transportation, so who knows when I will finish college sadly. As for psychology, I have always found it to be an interesting subject. I even thought about being a therapist as job, but I have too many issues of my own to be able to make a good therapist. Its still fun to learn about though. And for science, I like learning about outer space and chemistry. In 11th or 12th grade, I got a 100% on my chemistry final and was the only one to do so in the whole class.

3. Back To School Commercials

Honestly, I'm pretty happy that I don't have to deal with school as much as I used to any more and I'm even happier that I don't have to wake up extremely early any more. One thing that pisses me off though is seeing back to school commercials. Polos and brown/kaki pants? Those kids would get so beat up and bullied at an actual school. Any they would get it even worse if they were as excited about going back to school as the kids in those commercials are. And all the parents watching the commercials probably don't know any better so they will buy these clothes for their kids.They are just setting their children up for years of disappointment and bully based torture. Just buy your kids some jeans and t shits. Its a fashion that will likely not being out of style any time soon and its a difficult thing to fuck up. Listen to your kids, find out the cool brands at their school, and buy it for them if you can afford it. Also don't give your boys short nerdy hair cuts. It might help them in the job world, but it won't help them survive the school world.

4. Its Partly My Fault That My Brother Chris Had Shaggy, Mopy, Skater Hair

My younger brother Chris used to get his hair cut short though out Elementary school and before then. He would go with our Grandad to the barber to get it cut and I'm sure he used to like spending time with Chris. While I was in middle school, I noticed that most of the guys who got bullied or made fun of had short hair. Some of it probably had to do with their personality as well, hobbies, and things that they talked about, but the most common thing between these guys was short hair. I also noticed that quite a few of the cool guys had the long mopy skater type hair cut. After Chris graduated Elementary school, I warned him about this thing that I noticed. I also informed him about what was considered cool clothing at the time, at our school, which was hoodies, and brands like Hollister, and Areopostale. While I knew there was no way I could be cool nor did I want to really try, I wanted to give Chris a fighting chance. I didn't want Chris to get bullied and I wanted for him to be able to make some friends and be happy. Chris was able to make a lot of friends in middle school and is still friends with a good lot of them today. He kept his long skater hair until the end of high school and a little bit into college. It was only last year that he got his hair cut short again. Hes 20 now so that was a long time to stick with the same hair style. Some of the family and church people didn't like his hair, and its all mostly my fault that he had that style which grandad likes to bring up sometimes.

5. Hair Dye

My hair natural hair color is a dark brown almost black color but my hair has been almost every color of the rainbow. Its been red, yellow/blonde, many shades of green and blue, as well as purple and pink. The only colors my hair hasn't been is orange, black, silver and white. I've used temporary hair color spray, hair color chalk as well as both temporary and permanent hair dyes. I highly suggest using hair dye the traditional way. Color spray is fun for a short amount of fun but hair color chalk just doesn't work. Even after bleaching, the hair chalk doesn't show up well and is just a waste of money. Hair dye from a bottle is still the most efficient way to go about changing your hair color.

6. Fake Eye Brows

I shave off my eye brows and drawn them back on. I know its a look that isn't appealing to many people and some make fun of people who do this but it has many benefits. For example, most people have to pluck their eyebrows to get them less bushy or in the right amount of arch. Depending on how bushy the eyebrows are this could be time consuming and painful. If you mess up plucking eye brows, it will look bad and will take a while to grow back. While waiting foe them to grow back, they will continue to look bad. If I mess up with my eyebrows, all I have to do is wash off the make up and re draw them on. This is a quicker process and has no pain involved. If a person with eye brows gets their hair dyed, their hair won't match their eyebrows unless they dye them. This will make it clear that you aren't a natural blonde if your eyebrows are brown. With me, I could dye my hair any color or put on a wig and easily have my eye brows match the color. Blonde wig for this movie? No problem, I will draw in my eye brows with a similar color. And if I ever change my mind and want to have normal brows, I could. The hair still grows. Drawing in eye brows just gives more flexibility with options and any mistake and be easily fixed. Its not a bad thing.

7. Make Up

I like bold make up looks best. I wear quite a lot of eye make up. This is not because I am inexperienced. I just like the look of it. If I am going to spend time putting on make up I want to have fun with it. I also have a lot more costume/stage make up than regular make up. Part of this is because I love Halloween but its also because I had a theater make up class in college and because I did makeup effects for a few of the indie horror movies that I was in. I was putting on costume make up long before I started having a regular every day look. My first makeups were Joker, Jeff the killer, and Gene Simmons.

One thing that is normally constant on my face, makeup wise, is my dark eye liner. I have got comments before about the wings being too long. I'm not actually trying to do a winged eyeliner look. My eyeliner look is inspired by the ancient Egyptians. I've been told that I was royalty in two of my past lives and one of them was a cousin to Cleopatra. While I realize that Cleopatra has some ancient greek family heritage and was born in Alexandria, she still ruled Egypt, came from a long line of rulers and was such a famous & important part of Ancient Egyptian history. To honor both my past live's connection to ancient Egypt and to honor Cleopatra herself, I rarely leave the house with out Egyptian styled eyeliner.

8. Jewelry

Everyone seems to like diamonds and sparkly things. Me however, I'd rather wear spikes, skulls, and bats. This, in most cases, cheaper jewelry expresses more about its wearer than diamonds would. They are also more fun to wear and you are less likely to wear the exact same neckless or bracelet as your friend.

9. Monster Energy

Monster Energy is my energy drink of choice. It tastes really good and gives off quite a lot of energy. Plus, their can designs are very appealing to me and quite a few of the flavors have catchy names. Monster Energy drinks helped me stay up late to work on school work, projects, and write these articles. Monster Energy helped wake me up for school, and shoots for films & videos that I was in. Monster Energy helped me stay awake at 3am to make youtube videos. Monster energy helped me stay awake on the rare days when we shot 6 to 12 hours worth of film for an indie horror project all in one day. And when worse came to worse, Monster energy helped me stay up for 3 days straight to finish everything that I needed to do for school so that I could graduate high school.

I also like how supportive they are of gamers/esports, music, sports/athletes, and racing. They are a brand that seems like they care a lot. I love Monster energy so much that I go through 2 to 5 cans a week of that stuff. It would be a dream come true to be sponsored by Monster energy some day. I even have have a fursona named Monster who is named after the drink. Hes a hyper and happy Dutch Angel Dragon who is mostly back with some green.

Favorite flavors? I love the Monster Rehab series of drinks, Mad dog punch, and of course many of the flavors in the original series. The green, lo-cal blue and purple/mixxed, and orange/khaos.

If you want a stronger version of Monster energy that will give you energy that will last longer, pour some kool aid powder in a cup and pour in some Monster energy. Do not fill the cup completely or pour the monster quickly because the mixture of the two causes a quick bubbling effect that could very quickly over flow from the cup. If you like this tip, you're welcome. I came up with this on my own.

* If you have any heart conditions, are sensitive to caffeine, or are a kid, I do not recommend for you to try this. It will raise your heart beat up noticeably if you drink this mixture quickly and I could see it being harmful to some people.

Also last month went on a bug murdering spree because 3 ants got in my monster energy drink. As revenge I killed 34 ants, and one fly in one hour... We were having an ant problem at the house for almost a month, and the traps around the house weren't helping too much, but thankfully, I have been seeing a lot less ants lately. I think they, thankfully, all finally left which I am super happy about. I realize what I did was obsessive but I really dislike when anyone messes with my monster wether they are a person or a bug. However, since I've calm down from that incident, I've come up with a few jokes about my little situation. Monster energy: a taste so sweet that even ants will want to line up for a taste. Monster Energy: a taste so good that it will drive you to madness and will leave you killing for some more. Feel free to use any of those slogans Monster Energy if you end up reading this for some reason.

10. Mental Illnesses

As might be expected by many of those who have either read this article or know me in real life, yes I do have a few mental issues. I originally went to a therapist in the summer between 10th and 11th grade. I ended up going to see that therapist for 3 years. The original reason I went was because of my anger issues / short temper, sadness, and not getting along with my mom all that great. While I still don't get along great with my mom, my anger issues have gotten a lot better. I've become very good at putting up with a lot of crap for long periods of time. If i'm feeling angry and none of the calming techniques that I learned work, I'm pretty good at removing myself from the issue to calm down. Heck if i'm feeling aggressive enough and think I might do something bad, I'll remove myself for days at a time if I have to. I've done it before and probably will again. I haven't gotten into any fights or physically hurt someone in many many many years. The only thing i've hurt are bugs in the house such as the ones in #7's story. I put up with them for a whole month before letting my anger out on them - thats how good I am with putting up with crap. I'm also good at keeping my mouth shut. Most of my smart ass comments stay in my head instead of coming out of my mouth. Sometimes I still yell or have a smart comeback but its a lot rarer now than it used to be. And when I do yell, its normally because I'm frustrated in a certain situation, such as the internet being slow, and it isn't directed at another person.

While in therapy, I got diagnosed with social anxiety and seasonal depression.

I've never been good at meeting people or talking to strangers. Even getting up the courage to walk over to someone and say hi can be trough for me and pretty stressful. If I do walk over to talk, my heart beat will be fast, I'll be very nervous, and my opening line will be rehearsed in my head over and over again so that I don't mess up my words. I really don't want to embarrass myself. And if someone walks over to me and introduces me to their friend, I normally have no idea what to say. Just staring at them can be considered rude and I don't want to be rude, but I have no idea what to do next or what to say. Its difficult for me to start the conversation with a new person. From my experience, questions kind of are a good way to quickly get to know someone better, but not everyone likes a small q&a session... Some people find being asked question to be annoying or it makes them uncomfortable. It normally takes a very long time for me to become comfortable interacting with someone new. It can even take years... I am much better at texting or messaging someone online than physical in person talking, but thats not an acceptable way to talk to people if they are there with you. Needless to say, I'm not great at making friends, which sucks, but I don't blame people for not wanting to be my friend. I'm quiet and awkward. I also dislike being the center of attention because its too much pressure and I don't want to mess up some how. Years ago, while in school, I used to choose to sit at a desk near the door, when ever possible, so that I could leave quickly if needed to and because I didn't want to be watched while walking in or even really noticed all that much in general. I hate being watched intently; it makes me uncomfortable. Doing things like giving a presentation in front of the class, is very difficult for me and when I was younger I really disliked eating food in front of or near people. In elementary school, I used to eat painfully slowly because I was nervous about messing up some how, like spilling food/drink or getting food on my face. In 6th grade, I sat with my friend Courtney at a table far away from most of the other students. While there were people who sat at the far other side of the table, we were much more isolated than the other students. I trusted her, and being able to eat away from the other students made it not stressful. In 9th and 10th grade, I ate my food as quickly as possible and then hid out in the school library until it was time to go back to class. Luckily I was able to make a friend by doing so. Her name was Carly, and I enjoyed wasting time with her. We used to talk, joke about stuff and do random stuff on the library's computer that I sadly can't remember very well. By the time I went to tech high I pretty much stopped eating lunch during the school's lunch time.

At tech, I just sat at the table with my new friends (Kevin, Brianna and Tom) and a few other people. I just sat there, listened to their conversations, laughed along at jokes, spaced out more than a little bit to speed up time, and sometimes I talked a little as well. Kevin normally had something interesting to say such as life stories, random trivia, or dirty jokes, dark humor and things in general that were not school appropriate. I really did love that egotistical, bisexual, nerdy, dark magic practicing, pervert. Kevin was honestly my first love, but it didn't end well and I should of known better or left a long time ago. I was loyal to him and wanted to make him happy, but I let him get away with way too much. It was funny to me how people at school were so confused as to why we were together. I was the nice / innocent quiet girl and Kevin was loud, known for his odd believes & dark magic practices, and was also known as one of the school's biggest perverts. People were actually pretty concerned for me. Family, a few friends, and classmates that I didn't even know very well at all or even talked to before showed their concern for me. While me and Kevin did have our good moments, it wasn't meant to be. As mentioned above, Brianna and Tom were also at the table and were friends. Brianna was so cool and I wanted to be like her. She wore corsets to school, had a Gir backpack, and dyed her hair many different colors over the time of us being friends. She had the coolest hair and I loved her fashion style. Brianna was also so friendly, talkative and nice. Only down side to her was she had a small drug problem which she has since gotten help with and it doing ok last time I heard from her, which was years ago so who knows... Brianna used to date Tom and they were a pretty cute couple while it lasted. Tom was this laid back, super chill vegetarian/stoner guy. Later on, after they broke up, my friend Gabby also dated Tom. They were happy for awhile, but they were not meant to be either. High school relationships, am I right?...

But even though I had some friends at different parts of my life, I wasn't really that comfortable with friendship interactions, hanging out with friends outside of school, or who I even was as a person until 12th grade, which I realize is very pathetic... Even though I was more comfortable in 12th grade compared to how I was in childhood and young teenage-hood, I was still very awkward. And even though I was talking more in my last year of high school, I was still saying a lot less than everyone else. I'm still not good at interacting with people and making close friends even today at 22 years old. I've gotten a lot better than I was, but it still takes me a long time to feel comfortable with someone.

My therapist of 3 years was a Christian therapist though and the sessions were held at a church. Sometimes I had issues I wanted to talk more about, but I was just told that God wouldn't approve and didn't want me to do those things. While she helped me a lot, there came a point in time in which I just wasn't being helped with what I thought I needed help with.

Other issues I have that were never diagnosed are periods of paranoia in which I am badly worried about things I don't need to be such as "what if there is someone behind that closed door? What if I open said door and they try to murder me with a knife?! My organs are probably worth a lot of money if sold on the black market... What if I open the door and the person behind it kidnaps me, and then physically abuses me, chain me up, and uses me as a sexual slave?!". Thoughts like these can make it difficult to get up or leave a room. My newest paranoid fear was about bugs. I have had a lot of interactions with bugs / ants, beetles, mosquitos, spiders and random unidentified hard shelled flying bugs lately and because of this, the thought of bugs have crept into my subconscious. Recently I was paranoid about stepping on the floor because the bugs would feel me doing so which would cause them to scatter out of their hiding spots and attack me. While the house is cleanest its been in years and I have been seeing a whole hell of a lot less bugs, I was still killing their friends and family so naturally they want revenge. And if I had the audacity to try to leave my room, I would only get it worse. I realize thats a stupid fear but when I get like this, its hard to convince myself other wise. I honestly have no good way of dealing with this either sadly. I just curl up where ever I was sitting or standing and lay there being scared of these irrational fears until I fall asleep or the thoughts goes way. Eventually it does go away, normally after many hours or after I wake up from passing out, which is good. I've also attempted to try to reach out to other people to distract my brain or to let me know everything is ok but most of the time people don't want to help/talk to me when I get like this. Some times someone will talk to me and I'm very thankful for them. In relation to this, sometimes I hide in my room when the door bell rings because they might be bad people. I randomly have these issues; there is no exact time in which they occur, or a good reason as to why I get like this. Its been happening randomly for years.

I also sometimes hear things and see things that aren't there. My rule of thumb for dealing with seeing odd things is; if nobody is interacting with what I am seeing, than its probably not real and I should avoid it too. But I sadly have interacted with things that weren't there before, so its not a perfect way to deal with this. The hearing thing is more difficult. I can ask someone near by if they said ___ or is they heard ___ but if they didn't, it makes me look weird and I don't like standing out too much in that way because of social anxiety. Sometimes I ask anyways if theres a person around that I trust. Also If I'm not in public and hear a voice I don't recognize then its easier to point out as not real. I'm honestly really hoping that I am not in the starting stages of developing Schizophrenia because thats one hell of a major mental issue that never really ends well. And I really don't want to be locked up some where. I'm not a dangerous crazy person. I'm hoping that when I sometimes have these issues, its because of simple things that can be fixed like lack of sleep. But Its been a few years of this randomly happening to me so I don't know whats up or why I have these issues. Therapists are expensive so i'm going untreated currently and i'm on zero medication for any of my problems.

11. Food Allergies (TMI Warning)

I can't eat meat, dairy, or anything that has garlic in it. Of the three, garlic is the most important for me to avoid. It makes my tongue and throat feel weird, I get a very bad stomach ache, and I will do a lot of throwing up. Even worse, I will continue to feel belly pains the day after. Its pretty horrible and I've had garlic issues since childhood. The meat and dairy issues started happening shortly after high school. My meat allergy is the second worst. First I feel a heavy very uncomfortable feeling in my belly fallowed by stomach aches, then I normally throw up. Dairy hurts a lot less compared to the other two and it does not last as long. I just normally have a stomach ache, cramps, gas, and diarrhea. Very creamy food like ice cream is sure to give me issues. And milk, butter, and cheese also normally doesn't settle well with my belly. It the milk is in a pastry or cake, I doesn't normally effect me. And if its really really really processed "cheese" then it doesn't normally make me sick- I don't know why, just know that it doesn't. But at the same time I don't often eat this "cheese" because its not very good for you and more importantly, I don't want to push my luck. Lactose intolerance runs in the family so its not a big surprise that I also have this issue. I don't know anyone that I'm related to that has meat or garlic issues though.

12. Food

My favorite food is french fries. Its cheap, it tastes good, and can be bought/ordered from many different places. Its also a safe food item for me to order at restaurants because its not meat or dairy and it very rarely has any garlic on them. Also many places' fries taste different so its fun trying out fries and deciding who makes the best ones. Besides, I'd rather eat something chill like a veggie burger and fries than go to a fancy restaurant any ways.

My second favorite food is cookie dough. I very rarely eat cookie dough and at most, I eat it like 5 times a year but normally its like twice a year. I realize I could get food poisoning, Salmonella, and/or E coli from eating cookie dough, but i'm 22 & it has never happened to me yet, and it just tastes sooooooo good.

Other than french fries, which I eat a lot of, I normally eat peanut butter jelly sandwiches, oatmeal, pancakes, fruits, veggies, Bethy safe pizzas (made by me with no garlic, no meat, lactose free cheese, and lots of veggies. If you can eat a normal pizza, I don't recommend my version because I can guarantee it won't be as good. My version just fills a void/craving in my life to eat "pizza" since I can't eat real pizza.) , and some veggie versions of food made by Boca & Morning Star Farms's (I still have to read the ingredients to avoid garlic though so I can't eat all they offer sadly). I also don't eat often. I only eat just once or twice a day. And when it comes to food, in theory I'm really not picky. If its food that is safe for me to eat, as in doesn't have things in it that i'm allergic to, then I probably will eat it. I look picky as hell though, because I always have to read the ingredients before I eat anything to make sure I won't harm myself.

13. Candy

My favorite candy was Wonka chocolate bars but they do not exist anymore. For those who don't know, Nestle used to sell a few different types of Wonka chocolate bars over the years and in my personal opinion, they were the best chocolates I have ever tasted. There was ones just called wonka bars that were gram cracker and milk chocolate. Then you had ones with more creative names; Chocolate Waterfall Bar, Scrumpdiddlyumptious, Triple Dazzle Caramel, Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight, Wonka Fantabulous Fudge, Nutty Crunch Surprise, Domed Dark chocolate, ect. Some of these were from the Europe factory though so If you don't recognize all the types listed, thats why. Nestle discontinued their Wonka chocolates in USA sometime between 2010 to 2012 depending on the flavor being referenced. I miss the Wonka chocolates very much, especially Scrumpdiddlyumptious because that one was my absolute favorite out of all them. Triple Dazzle Caramel would be a close second favorite.

I also liked wonder ball but they can be very difficult to find since they have been taken off shelves multiple times and many places don't seem to want sell them at their stores when they come back. I seriously rarely even see these things any more and its pretty disappointing. However, I haven't had one in years so I don't know how good they actually taste, but little kid me loved these things. Wonder ball, another nestle product, was/is a chocolate ball that was hallow on the inside. Inside the ball was more candy, stickers, or a small toy. Think of it as the American version of the Kinder Egg. Wonder balls came in many themes too which was really cool, there were ones for Disney, pokemon, spongebob, and probably a few others that I never got.

Wonder ball commercial

If you would like to try an obscure candy that I like, I recommend Zagnut. This Hershey's product is made up of peanut brittle, coca, and toasted coconut. It actually contains no chocolate which is pretty rare for a Hershey product. Its also equally as rare to find a store that sells them, but its worth tracking one down in my personal opinion. Another cool things about Zagnut is its in the movie BeetleJuice which is why I originally tried it in the first place.

Zagnut Beetlejuice scene

Another obscure candy I recommend is Abba Zaba. Abba Zaba is a taffy and peanut butter candy bar made in California. Theres the original flavor as as seen above, then there is also a sour green apple taffy version and a strawberry taffy version. Its very rare to see them in stores on the east coast so its difficult to get your hands on one over here unless you randomly find one at a huge candy store or buy them online. Both the flavor and the wrapper are very unique and won't be something you will soon forget. I still remember my first one. I bought it at "It's Sugar" in Myrtle Beach one year while I was there on vacation with the family. The funky looking wrapper caught my attention and after bite one, my taste buds were in on an amazing journey and I knew I had to have more. Another cool/random thing about this candy is that it was famous western actor John Wayne's favorite candy and it was in the stoner movie Half Baked. If anyone on the west coast, California, or someone somewhere else where they randomly sell this candy wants to send me a few, you would make me extremely happy.

Some more "normal" candies I like are hershey chocolate bars, reese's, milky way, 3 musketeers, m&ms, rolos, Werther's original caramel candy, cookie dough bites, and those little wax bottles. In general, I like chocolate, caramel and peanut butter so if the candy has one of those three things in it then I'll probably like it. As you can probably tell by now, I really like my sweets. However, I don't eat candy very often. I might eat a piece or two of candy once every few months except around Easter, Halloween, and Christmas when I eat way too much of it. Its tradition to have candy on these days after all and it would be bad to break tradition. I also like trying the different limited time flavors of M&Ms and different types of candy that comes from outside the United States.

14. Drinks

My energy drink of choice is Monster, which is very clear to anyone who knows me, but sometimes I drink red bull if I can't get my hands on some monster. Shhhh please don't tell them...

I also drink coffee or tea for energy sometimes. While energy drinks seem to be more effective for me, sometimes you just been a warm cup of soothing happy energy. Picking tea or coffee depends mainly on my mood and what my taste buds want, but generally, I like tea more than coffee.

And when it comes to a nice warm cup of tea, I like black tea the best. It tastes good, but it gives lots of energy to it's drinker and has plenty of health benefits. Black tea helps reduce plaque formation and slows down the growth of bacteria that causes cavities and tooth decay. Drinking tea makes the person less likely to get arthritis and helps the develop stronger bones. Black tea also helps boost the immune system and can lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes as well as lower risk of heart attack and lower risk of clogged arteries. There is even research that says that Black tea can help prevent some types of cancers. For example, women who drink black tea every day have less risk of developing ovarian cancer according to research. It is also said to reduce stomach, colon, and lung cancer. It can even help with weight loss because it boosts the metabolism, makes the body burn off fat more intensively, and helps you feel fuller for longer.

Downsides? It may raise blood pressure, and reduces iron absorption in the intestines up to 70% (Iron is needed to cary oxygen to blood). And if drank in high amounts (around 4-5 cups); headache, irregular heartbeat, increased anxiety, nervousness, irritability, restlessness, confusion, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, and ringing in ears. And if black tea is mixed with other forms of caffeine, it could lead to seizers and/or passing out.

Sometimes I add Sage to my tea. Not only does it add a different taste to the drink, it also has benefits. Sage is great for the brain. From consuming or smelling sage you will get increased focus/concentration along with help recalling learned abilities & memories. Some research even goes as far to claim that sage could possibly help eliminate or slow down Alzheimer's and dementia if the affected person consumes 1 gram of sage a day. Much like Black tea, sage is also good at helping make stronger bones (sage has high levels of vitamin K which helps develop bone density), and help prevent type 2 diabetes. Sage can also be used to treat throat infections, infected gums, mouth ulcers/cold sores, and dental abscesses. And if you have muscle tension, high cholesterol, or indigestion, sage can help reduce all of these. For female's time of the month, it can help reduce cramp pains and bloating. If you are a female past that stage of your life, it can help with reducing menopause's hot flashes.

Like all things, there is always a downside. Sage is straight up toxic if you consume too much of it (15 grams a day or more) or consume it for extended periods of time (3 to 4 months or more) due to a chemical called thujone that can be found in common sage along with some other species of sage. Thujone can cause seizers, damage to the liver, and damage to the nervous system which is all very serious issues. Sage also shouldn't be consumed by pregnant women because sage can help bring about a period, and doing so could lead to a miscarriage.

I also like lemonade, kool aid, and various juices. As far as soda is concerned, Dr pepper is my favorite but I also really like root beer, Mountain Dew baja blast, Mountain Dew code red, and Mountain Dew voltage. I also like Jones Soda a lot. My favorite Jones soda flavor was D'Peach Mode but they don't make that one any more. Thankfully they still make Green Apple because that is my second favorite. Other than the flavors, I like jones because all their labels are of pictures that their customers have taken and the caps have a fortune inside them.

Alcohol? I like wine coolers, hard lemonades, wine, and flavored vodka. I don't care if most of those are seen as wimpy choices. You can drink more of them with out getting super messed up and you are probably less likely to make a fool of yourself or make bad decisions. Plus it tastes good, its relaxing, and sometimes lessons my anxiety and gets me talking more. Besides if I really did want to get drunk, I still have vodka. But honestly I do not drink as much as most people that I know or the people around me and I do not need to get drunk to have a good time. I never really have needed alcohol to have fun- not even during parties I went to during high school or any I end up going to now at 22 almost 23. I'm normally the person who ends up checking up on the drunk people and taking care of them. And If I really wanted alcohol badly, getting it would be very easy. I'm old enough to buy my own and there is always lots of it at the house, but I just don't have the drive to get shit-faced. Plus I have seen what lots of alcohol often does to a few people and isn't pretty. A few shots, a glass of wine or a few wine coolers is good enough to satisfy me when I want to drink. Some people might see this as a pretentious "I'm better than you because I don't drink often" type of behavior but I promise its nothing like that. I do not normally judge others badly for drinking way more than myself.

15. Lady Bug

One time when I was a little kid, I was playing in the basement when I saw a lady bug. I ate the lady bug... The reason I did it was so I could be forever lucky and take the luck with me where ever I go. I now realize that that is very stupid because it didn't taste good, probably had lots of germs on it, and the lady bug probably just became poop instead of some weird source of forever luck absorbed via consuming.

16. Animals

They are the best thing in all of existence. Many of them are cute and fun to be around. They don't even have to say anything to be in your heart even though many of them can do interesting things. And sometimes animals make better friends than people. Why do animals make good friends? They aren't fake and they don't tell you lies. In many cases, if they don't like you, you will know. Wether its a growl, a hiss, a bite, or just being straight up attacked, you will get the message. Isn't that better than a trusted friend of many years talking crap behind your back? Life is always better when you have a few critters to hang out with.

I've also been compared to as Ace Venture and was even referred to as the Ace Venture of Creepy Crawl Entertainment by other people I worked with because of my love of animals, my knowledge of animals and my ability to get along with so many of them. When ever we filmed in a house that had pets, they always got lots of attention from me and normally would come right up to me. Even shyer animals would approach me.

My favorite common/domesticated animals are cats, dogs, rodents, birds, geckos (not because of Geico... I fell for these little guys from my trips to Florida), goldfish, goats, and pigs. And my wild/exotic animals are Patagonian cavy/mara, sloth bear, lions, tigers, leopard, and komodo dragon.

My favorite dog breeds are bull terrier, dachshund, chihuahua, pugs and the great pyrenees (thanks to Ginger, rip). I don't have a favorite cat breed and I just like cats in general, but if its a cat that will meow back at you when you talk then I will like them even more. My favorite rodents are Syrian Hamsters (rip Eddie), rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, Gambian pouched rat, and the Patagonian cavy/mara - don't make me pick just one.

I realize that some of these animals may be ones you have never heard of so I will do my best to explain.

The Gambian pouched rat is an African rat that is nocturnal, has hamster like pouches in its cheeks, and will grow up to 3 feet long (including it's tail). In the wild they live up to groups of 20 and supposably they can detect both land mines and tuberculosis via their strong sense of smell which is pretty impressive. However, owning them as pets, buying/selling them and importing them into the USA has been illegal by rule of the FDA & CDC since 2003 due to a monkeypox outbreak. So if you live in America and want one as a pet, you are out of luck which sucks because they can be pretty friendly, playful, smart, and affectionate (licky) if trained well and handled regularly (based on what I have read, heard, and saw).

Rat Saves humans from landmines - BBC Earth

Giant rats can detect tuberculosis - BBC Earth

The other rodent that I mentioned which you might have never heard of is the Patagonian Cavy/Mara. Its a large rodent that looks like a cross between a rabbit, a kangaroo and a deer but its actually more closely related to the guinea pig. Its herbivore that can be found in Argentina. They can grow up to 24 inches tall and 30 inches long. It can run also 30 to 45 mph, and jump 6 feet in the air. Other than the look of the animal, one of the things I love about the cavy is the way it hops.

Patagonian Cavy - Animal Wonders Montana

When I mentioned wild animals that I like, you might recall that I included the sloth bear. Sloth Bear is an insect eating bear that is native to India, southern Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Their favorite bugs to eat are termites, beetles, grubs and ants. They also eat fruit, honey, and flowers. Mangos, and Jack fruits are their favorite fruits to eat. During food shortages they have been known to eat carrion and crops from near by farms. At fully grown, the sloth bear, is 5 to 6 feet long and 2 to 3 feet tall at the shoulder. They have shaggy black fur, cream colored markings, short haired pale muzzles, and really long claws which they use for digging up the insects. However, their claws also make a great weapon against predators such as; wolves, wild dogs, tigers, leopards and other species of Asian bears. Another powerful weapon is their large canines. They have the largest canines with respect to body size of any bear. Sloth bears are generally very busy and noisy animals. They make a variety of grunts and snorts while they preform every day activities like pulling down branches for fruit, and digging for ants/termites. Have you ever heard of dancing bears? These are bears that are captured young or born in captivity who have been trained to entertain people in the streets or in public places like taverns. They were pretty common in Europe and Asia from the middle ages to the 19th century. And in some countries they were still being used to entertain in the 21st century. Their trainers commonly knocked out their teeth to prevent them from harming their handlers, castrated the young males, and starved them. They also outfitted the bears with steel muzzles, and a leash attached to a nose ring to give the handler control over the bear's movements. Needless to say, dancing bears weren't treated the best. in India, sloth bears were commonly used as dancing bears and it wasn't until 2009 that the last of them were freed.

Dancing bears of India - International Animal Rescue

Dancing Sloth Bear -

Sloth Bear - Creation Kingdom Zoo in Virginia

When it comes to feathered friends, I like the common ravens & crows, african pied crow, white necked raven, cockatiel, green cheeked conure, parakeet/budgie, toucans (Toco, keel-billed, and channel billed), and the Cassowary. I don't care that the Cassowary has a rep as a deadly killer that could harm a human very badly with a single kick. Sure they are large (up to 6 feet tall), and have sharp claws that can be grow up to 5 inches, have a loud dinosaur sounding call, and can jump up to 6 or 7 feet in the air, so they seem scary to many, BUT they mainly eat fruit, plants, and fungi. As far as meat is concerned, they sometimes eat bugs, snails, frogs, fish, smaller birds, and mice. Plus there has only been one human death by Cassowary since 1926 and that was a human that was trying to kill the massive bird. Now compare that to dogs who kill around 26 humans a year in the USA. Honestly, I think they are pretty misunderstood. For one, they are territorial so anyone should think twice about invading their land in the first place. They mostly just attack when feeling threatened or to defend their land/nest. I think its a pretty reasonable response to perceived danger. I'm quite sure you would defend your home too if a random stranger broke into it. Secondly, they are solitary animals who live in deep parts of the forest. Most of them don't want to make friends and we as humans should respect that. I mean they don't even want to make friends with their own kind. They only normally spend time with their own kind for reproduction purposes. Thirdly they are an endangered animal thanks to loss of their habitat, being killed by cars, dog attacks, feral pigs destroying their nests, and humans hunting them. They also breed less frequently at zoos/in captivity. So since they are having so many issues thanks to humans, its even more important to just let them be. Reasons why I like Cassowaries? Well... They are massive dinosaur like birds. I like their blue skin, blueish-black feathers, and their unique head casque (the pointy like helmet on their head). And I really like the sound they make. It seriously sounds so much like a dinosaur. Their eggs are bright green which is also pretty cool. And the main villain of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Boss Cass, is a Cassowary and I really loved those games.

Cassowary sounds

Cassowary meeting - Brave Wildness

17. Pets

When I was a baby my parents had 3 cats named Pud, Bruiser, and Harley and a husky named Bud. When I was the age like 3 or 4 we moved, Bud came with us but the cats stayed behind in the care of a neighbor. When I was 5 I got to pick out a cat for my birthday. I named her Dodie, she was one of my best friends and was there for me until I graduated high school. There was also 2 hermit crabs at some point when I was elementary school age. I'm pretty sure their names were Herbie and Urbie. Around this time Bud randomly died while we were on vacation while under the care of my grandad. I'm not sure if that came before or after the hermit crabs.

Once when I was almost done with elementary school (3rd, 4th, or 5th grade), two stray cats started to visit the house and we fed them. The first one was a male maine coon which we named Bushy. After some visits he brought a female black cat with him who we named Sammy. Bushy and Sammy visited often. So often in fact that we brought them to the vets and were thinking about letting them live in the house. During the vet trip they found out Sammy had feline leukemia and they had to put her down. Bushy was clean of disease but he died that same year on Easter morning by being run over by a car. My parents joked that it was a suicide attempt. also while in elementary school me and my brother Chris raised two caterpillars which grew up to become moths. One of them was named Race car because he was a fast crawler. Neither of us remember the other one's name. After they became moths, we released them outside. it was pretty cool getting them go from caterpillar to cocoon to moth. When we get a moth in the house we used to joke that Race car was visiting. We also randomly had a black salamander/northern slimy salamander for a few days up to a week. We found him outside, and kept him for a little while before putting him back outside. We named him Vader after Darth Vader. He lived in a tupperware container with breathing holes poked into the lid, and we used to give him cut up earth worms from outside to eat. I have no idea why we brought him inside or why we put him back outside. My mom doesn't even remember Vader but my brother does so I know it happened. Vader was pretty chill. Out of curiosity, I looked up some info about him and it looks like they are pretty rare and their existence as a species is almost threatened. It also seems that it was bad for us to pick him up and handle him in the first place because the salt content on human skin is harmful to them. It also says that young salamanders stay still as defense mechanism against predators. That might of been why he was so chill... Whoops... I promise we didn't know, and its not like he was living with us for long, so we probably didn't do too much harm, and we put him back outside. So it could of been worse right?

When I was about 8 or 9, my brother Chris wanted a dog for his birthday. We went to the pound and got a mixed breed dog, part chow and part great pyrenees, which we named Ginger. She pooped on the back seat of the car and on my dad on her was home which is a funny story to tell but honestly she was a pretty great dog. So now we had Dodie and Ginger. They didn't get along very well so we kept them separate as much as possible. Dodie was with us until 2013. she ended up getting kidney disease and was a fighter until the very end. In 2014 I won two goldfish from the carnival and they lived here for a year. Their names were Goldla and Sammy. Then in 2015 I got 3 black molly fish; Molly, Midnight, and Shadow. They didn't last long... Next came my albino Syrian hamster Eddie. He was named after low budget horror & scifi film maker, writer, actor, producer, and director Ed Wood. I genuinely enjoy Ed Wood's films and hes one of my heroes. Ed wood likes angora. Angora is big fluffy white rabbits. My hamster was also white and fluffy. And thats how he got his name. A month after I got Eddie, I won two more gold fish from the carnival. I called them Carl and Cleo. Carl got stuck in the filter 2 months later while I was in New York and cleo gave up on life shortly after. The water levels were ok from what I remember so I'm not sure why it happened. Ginger Passed away right before christmas in 2016 and Eddie died of old age on April 28th of this year after being my little buddy for 3 years. I've been around pets my whole life and now it feels really weird to have no more animal friends around. I miss many of them but I'm happy for the memories.

18. Pet Training

Most people can train a dog but can you train a cat to do tricks? What about fish?

My cat Dodie, who was my pet and one of my best friends from age 5 all the way until I graduated high school, could do many impressive things. She would come and fallow most of the time when called. She could jump from chair to chair, guess what hand had treats in it, climb up, beg, and sometimes I could get her to spin (which I called "Nascar"). I always gave her a treat afterwards or a tiny piece of ham. We also played games together such as running races, stop my hand from sliding on the surface by slapping it with your paw, and the more normal cat games of get that toy. She also used to wake my parents up in the morning, and watch out the door or window to make sure me and Chris got on the bus in the morning for school. She was so smart and seemed to care about us a lot. She was so smart that she even had some talking ability. Dodie used to get a piece of ham for lunch every day. She loved ham so much that she even learned how to say it. She could also say now, tuna, snack (we called her treats snack), and she could sort of say water. She called Water Wur-wur. She was pretty great at saying what she wanted which was helpful. She'd sit at the sink and say Wur-wur, and if she wanted ham, she often said ham or ham now while in the kitchen.

"Dodie, you want ham?" "Ham!" "Do you want ham now or later?" "Now. Ham Now!"

I believe the reason she got so good at talking was due to her being part siamese since they are known to be a vocal cat breed, but its also because I used to talk to her a lot. I told her about all kinds of things I learned in school when I was young, and about things that happened in school. I also used to read stories to her. And similar to the way ET was taught, I would tell her names of things around her and eventually she caught on. Honestly though, she really was just one of a kind and a very wonderful friend to me growing up.

As mentioned in the pet section, I had goldfishes. Not many people realize how great they can be. If you pay attention to them, they will pay attention to you. If you walk into their view sometimes they will swim back and forth very fast like hyper little excited puppies who are happy to see you. And its not always just about food. If it was just about food they would swim up closer to the lid which they didn't most of the time. They were just excited to see me. Also as you move about the room sometimes they try to fallow after you as best as they can with being confined to the tank which is really cute. Plus they have a way better memory than people give them credit for. In fact they can remember things for at least 5 months. Thats better than some humans I know. Fish are also really playful little things. Fish will sometimes chase/swim after your hand and/or finger(s) if you slowly wave/move it outside on the tank. And if you put a small plastic ball ment for a barbie or a bouncy ball in the tank sometimes they will roll it to each other or chase after it if it floats. If you lightly throw in a floating plastic ball sometimes the fish will headbutt it back out which can make for a fun game of catch for both you and your fishes. They can also be taught to swim through tunnels and hoops with practice. Honestly I think I had some pretty happy goldfish. My tank was right by my bed and when I was in bed ready to go to sleep, sometimes the fishes, got to the very edge of their tank to sleep right next to me (yes fish do sleep). It was so sweet and cute. And I loved waking up seeing them looking at me as if waiting for me to get up.

Sadly they were common goldfish from the carnival... my first pair lived in a glass tupperware container for their first night. Then they lived in a 5 gallon hexagonal tank in the kitchen for a few months before being moved to a 10 gallon and eventually separated into 2 different tanks. Some how they survived a year with me and were very friendly to me. I tried my hardest to be a good pet owner. I gave them food, checked their water levels and made adjustments, changed their water, treated swim bladder with peas when ever it happened, and even took a worm out of Sammy. Sammy got a worm that I had to remove myself with tweesers. I learned how to treat my fish after talking to a helpful petsmart employee. And on the same visit I picked him up the right medicine to treat them with after the procedure. He survived it and recovered. Many people talk crap about pet stores like petsmart but if it wasn't for this employee, I would have had no idea what to do. She was even more helpful than an info I could find on the internet. Anyways.... These fish, that I put through way too much were the ones I taught the tricks too, the ones who slept next to me, and the ones who were very excited to see me when ever I walked into my room.They trusted me, they liked spending time with me and I kinda let them down by not knowing enough about raising fish. Sure a year is a lot longer than many carnival goldfish live, but when you now know that they need much bigger tanks and can live to 5 - 15 years, you can't help but feel like crap.

While my second common goldfish pair, that I got the fallowing year, started out in a 20 gallon tank, which was a way better start than the other 2's start, they did not last nearly as long. I knew better how to take care of them, but I did not get much of a chance. The one had messed up fins (fin rot), when I got him, which I tried treating him for but his time was very short. He died stuck against the filter while I was on vacation for a weekend. The other died days after we came back for reasons unknown to me. The water levels were ok. They were only with me for 2 months. I plan to get goldfish again at some point and use my much better knowledge to care for them the right way and to make friends with them. I also now know that even 20 gallons would be too small. They can grow up to 12 to 18 inches long with 8 being the average size. Seriously goldfish do not belong in little goldfish bowls. Fish really do not grow to the size of their tank. Its just a very horrible myth. Putting them in smaller tank than they belong in effects their health very badly.

19. Toilet Seat

It seems to bug many females if the toilet seat is left up to the point that it can cause petty arguments between her and the men in in her life. The upsetness of the toilet seat being up has pretty much become "common knowledge" and has even been made fun of in South Park. However, in all honesty, It doesn't matter to me if the toilet seat up or down and I have never understood why it has become such a big issue. Just look before you sit like I do and you will be perfectly ok. Guys flip up the seat to piss so whats the big deal with us having to flip it back down to do our business? in both cases the seat is moved whether male or female and if that isn't equality, idk what is lol. Plus it only takes like a second to do. The only thing I care about that is related to this topic is; please flush the toilet after use, only flush things that are meant to be flushed, and if you make a mess on the floor/seat/wall - clean it up. And please remember to wash your hands.

20. Snoring

My dad kind of snores pretty loudly when he sleeps and my mom used to complain to him about his loud snoring. When ever I heard this conversation between the two of them I would say "Daddy doesn't snore". I thought it was mean to tell someone that they snored loudly and kept you wake because its not like he was doing that on purpose and I thought it would hurt his feelings to know he was doing this. I didn't want Daddy's feelings to be hurt because I love him. People don't snore on purpose so its not his fault. So for years, not to have his feelings hurt, I told him that he doesn't snore.

Want to know more? Part two will be coming soon and in it I will talk more about childhood memories, random facts about me and will talk about my work in youtube, indie horror and maybe even Odyssey. Until then, I hope everyone has a good day/night.

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