We've all had one and if you haven't experienced one then you certainly haven't been to a good concert.

Concerts are one of the few things to exist that you have to have fun at. Even more when it is one of your favorite artists that is headlining.

The sold-out crowd. Throwing your hands up in the air. Singing along to every song. Dancing and clapping the night away. Everything about it just makes for a good environment.

I have been to dozens of concerts throughout my life and only two have left me with concert hangover: One Direction at the Rosebowl weeks before my 15th birthday and Eric Church at the Staples Center after years of wanting to go see him.

Now, this recent concert hangover of Eric Church's sold-out Saturday night at the Staples Center just hit differently.

I don't know if it was the fact that it was the first time in months I was wearing my boots and they hurt or the fact that I lost my voice and couldn't get the buzzing out of my ears, I just knew I was in it bad.

From doing my laundry three times within a week after the concert just so I could keep on wearing my concert t-shirt to hooking up my aux in my car and playing the "Eric Church Concert" playlist I found. I couldn't get over the feeling of this concert hangover out of me until I started to take other people's advice.

Buy tickets to a new concert.

It doesn't have to be tickets to the same artist, but in order to get over one concert, you have to begin to look forward to a new one. It doesn't matter if it's half a year away. Just have something to look forward to in order to move on.

Listen to other artists.

This can be other artists you have listened to before or even exploring new artists and music genres, such as the opening act of the concert you went to. It doesn't hurt to expand your music palette and find more artists to see live.

Keep yourself busy.

The less time you spend thinking back on the concert, the more time you will have time to get over it, so make sure you keep yourself busy with different activities and other hobbies.

Hide your concert videos.

Nothing makes you miss a concert more than looking back at the pictures and videos of that night. Don't push away the memories, but stop revolving your daily life around them.

Hopefully, these tips help and that there are many, many more concert hangovers in your future!