14 Times ‘Lollapalooza Visor Guy’ Knew How You Felt About Life

In case you missed it, there’s a new hero in our midst and he’s known as ‘Lollapalooza Visor Guy’. Lollapalooza Visor Guy is the star of the viral YouTube video “White guy dancing at Lollapalooza” and if you haven’t seen it yet, feast your eyes on his oh-so-fresh moves.

Malia Obama may have made headlines while at Lollapalooza, but it’s clear to see that Lollapalooza Visor Guy is America’s true sweetheart in his red visor, white polo, and blue jorts. He just gets it. Here are fourteen times Lollapalooza Visor Guy knew how you felt (and here’s the song he was jamming to at the concert in case you'd like to set the mood):

1. When your crush likes your latest Instagram pic

2. When the bouncer says it’s free cover

3. When your professor gives an unexpected curve at the end of the semester

4. When you get a response to your 2 A.M. “U up?” text

5. When the gang spills some great tea about someone you hate

6. When financial aid drops and you now can afford guac at Chipotle

7. When Team U.S.A. wins another gold medal in the Olympics

8. When you find a prime parking spot on campus

9. When you wake up early and realize you still have an hour left to sleep before the alarm will go off

10. When you ace that test you’ve been studying weeks for (or haven’t studied at all for)

11. When payday arrives just in time for the weekend

12. When one of your favorite artists comes to town

13. When you blackout but don’t have a hangover the next day

14. And finally, when you get back to your college town and your best friends after a long summer break

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