No matter where people are in their lives, they have a tendency to compare themselves. In grade school, the kids compare to their grades to other kids' grades. In college, students compare their social and academic life to their classmates. At work, employees compare the salaries and work to their colleagues'. No matter what stage a person is at, they will compare themselves to others. The tendency to compare arises from the societal concept of competition. People see the other people around them and feel the need to always be parallel to, if not, even better then them in order to be successful in life.

This idea of always comparing yourself to other people has a big part in why you are not successful in your own eyes.

First and foremost, everyone has their own story, their own fights, their own obstacles, their own wins. No two stories are alike in any way. So, when you are comparing, you are just looking at the end goal or the current state of the other person. You have no idea what they went through to get where they are today. Even if you think you do, remember you only know how much they or someone else told you. So your comparison isn't even thorough and exactly correct. Since you only compare the positive end goal, it is obvious you will be sad about your life.

Therefore, since no two stories are alike in any way, you are here to make your own. Now that does not mean everything will fall into place on its own.

You have to try. And you will fail on your journey.

You might be successful from the beginning, but that chances for that are pretty low. However, failures along the way are crucial to your success. They teach you lessons and help you develop yourself. You have to remember to get back up and keep trying though. You will reach your goal.

You are here to create your own journey. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. You cannot compare your story with anyone else. So, take what you have, make the most of it, and try your hardest. Everything at the end will work out for the better. Even if you cannot reach your goal, as long as your focus on yourself, you will end up in a better place and/or position and you will be happy.