4 Companies That Give Back

4 Companies That Give Back

These brands give back to a great cause!

When shopping, I find it much more enjoyable to purchase products from companies that give back to charity. This being said, here are just a few businesses that I really enjoy which also give a part of their proceeds to charity!

1. Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon is a clothing company that gives a hat to each child who is fighting cancer in America. At the same time, Love Your Melon encourages other nonprofit organizations that are trying to get through the challenge of pediatric cancer. I highly recommend buying from this company, since not only do they support a great cause, but they also sell really cute, well-made items including beanies, caps, accessories and apparel!


TOMS is another great brand that gives back to others. With every purchase, TOMS will help give services such as bullying prevention and safe birth to people who are in need. Not only does TOMS help to provide services for others, but they even give shoes and water to those who need them. It is amazing how much TOMS gives back to others just through purchasing one of their products. If you are interested in buying something from TOMS, they are known to have some of the most comfortable shoes which includes loafers, wedges and booties. They also sell apparel and accessories such as bags and sunglasses!

3. Project 7

Project 7 is a company that is known for selling nontraditional flavored gums such as red velvet cupcake, sour caramel apple, rainbow ice and even Girl Scouts caramel coconut and thin mints! Not only does Project 7 sell great flavored gum, but they actually give back to non-profits. By buying Project 7 gum, you're helping to save the earth, house the homeless, feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, heal the sick, educate students and even gain hope for peace! Not only do I love this gum, but I really like the fact that this brand gives so much back to many different causes.

4. Patagonia

Patagonia is another brand whose proceeds help others. Patagonia gives some of its profit to help make our world a much cleaner and greener place. Patagonia even makes clothing that is known to be eco-conscious, which makes their products even more of a plus to buy. If you are interested in this company and what products they have to offer, I highly recommend purchasing one of their fleeces, which are one of their top-selling items!

I hope that this article helped you learn about a few great companies and how they give back to others!

Cover Image Credit: Amazon

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Why Working With Special Populations Doesn't Make Me A Good Person

What you're missing from the bigger picture.

"What do you do?" might be one of my least favorite questions. Let me tell you why.

I am currently a registered behavior technician at a wonderful program (MAP) nestled in the heart of North Carolina. Usually, when I tell someone what I do, their response is either an uncertain nod or a plain look of confusion. At that time, I break it down by saying, “Basically, I work with children who have autism."

Now, more times than not, the response I receive is along the lines of, “Wow, that's so amazing of you", or my personal favorite, “Good for you. I could NEVER do that."

I understand that working with special populations isn't for everyone, just like being a neurosurgeon isn't for everyone. But, working with special needs children doesn't make me a good person, a saint, or a hero. Every time someone tells you he/she is a teacher, do you gasp and express how much you could NOT be a teacher?

What about when you meet a pediatrician? These people work with children just like I do. I'm certain if you spent one day in my shoes you would see just how much you COULD do my job.

Maybe not all of the technical work, but after a day with these children, you would be humbled by how much you could learn from them.

After all, these children are just children. They want to be accepted just like every other child.

They want to be understood and to be part of a community just like the rest of us.

My job has given me the opportunity to get to know a handful of the more than 3.5 million Americans on the spectrum. I've gotten to know each of their personalities, their quirks, and what makes them unique. I can't help but imagine a world where everyone gets to know these individuals as I have.

A world where we accept all of those who might appear or act different from us and educate ourselves on these populations. A world where that education helps us see that they aren't so different from us after all.

Working with individuals with special needs doesn't make me a good person, because I do it for selfish reasons.

I work with them because I don't know what my life would be like without them. They have taught me so much and changed my life in so many ways. I get to play a small hand in these children's lives. I get to help them learn fundamental life skills you and I take for granted.

But, I also get to leave work every day having learned a lesson. These children have taught me to be a better version of myself and to appreciate even the smallest of things life has to offer. Each day they challenge me to laugh more, have more fun, and not take myself so seriously. They show me more love than I ever knew possible. Maybe it isn't with their words. Maybe it's with the smiles and giggles when we're singing their favorite song, or the way they look at me when they finally get something they have been working so hard to learn.

The hugs, the kisses, and the moments where our two worlds collide and we finally connect; these are the moments that remind me how much these children have to offer the rest of us. If only we would take the time to let them teach us, we would be more selfless, less judgmental, and have a greater appreciation for life.

April is National Autism Awareness Month.

My hope is that this month we work to spread awareness for Autism, as well as other special needs. We take this time to learn something new, to help educate others, and to stop looking at these individuals as though they need special people in their lives to help teach them and focus more on opening our minds to the things they can teach us.

Explore Odyssey's featured Autism Awareness content here.

Cover Image Credit: Katharine Smith

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Dave Ramsey, Thank You For Sharing Your Money Tips And Knowledge With The Rest Of Us

From just starting your program and being only on baby step one I have realized many things.


Ever since starting college I have always had that thought in the back of my head about how am I going to pay off my student debt after getting out of college. This is probably a thought that every student has when they attend college and they know that after they receive their education that they are out in the real world where they have payments to make every month and probably be in debt for most of their life. But after watching your podcast and following your Instagram and seeing all these people paying off hundreds of thousands of dollars in a couple of months is very inspirational.

Paid off student debtDave Ramsey Instagram

From just starting your program and being only on baby step one I have realized many things. One, I spend money on a lot of things that I don't need but never realized until I started tracking my spending to make a budget. Two, saving a thousand dollar before actually tackling your debt is a great task as it shows that if you can save a thousand you can find a way to pay off your debt then. Though it does seem like a long process that doesn't seem possible till you finally hit the triple-digit mark. Three, you don't actually need a credit card in life because you will actually have money you can spend instead. Though I am still wondering how exactly this would work later on with wanting to buy homes and cars.

But overall thank you for sharing your story and knowledge about money and your experiences so others can learn and do better with theirs. So let's all be weird and not broke as you like to say.

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