Being a commuter student is definitely not the typical college experience for many, but there are lots of students who opt out of dorm life and face the ups and downs of commuting.

1. When you find a parking spot within a reasonable distance from class

Finding a decent parking spot at a school with a heavy commuter population is a common struggle. More often than not, one of the only good things about taking super early classes is that there are fewer people fighting for a spot.

2. Sitting in traffic

The dreaded rush hour traffic that we all know and love. No one wants to deal with traffic, period.

3. Having to wake up extra early to get to class on time

Nothing makes an 8:00 AM class worse than having to wake up at 7:00 AM or earlier. I need enough time to get ready, travel, and deal with whatever traffic I may encounter. Ugh, so tired.

4. Being able to get drive thru coffee on your way to class

Yeah, every college campus has at least one Starbucks or Dunkin'. But the lines in those things are UNREAL. Never in my life have I had to wait 20 plus minutes for an iced coffee. Driving to school allows me to hit a quick drive-thru for coffee and be back on the road in five minutes flat. Coffee is necessary, and it's that much easier to get it when I commute. Woohoo!

5. Being able to have alone time

Living in a dorm means roommates. Roommates are great and all, and if you're lucky, you get a good one. But, after having to go to class and sit in the library for hours on end, I just want to lay in bed and relax. Alone. Having a roommate means rarely ever getting time to yourself. After class and work, I get to go home to my own comfy room and bed. Pure bliss.

6. Being told you're not getting the college experience

Sorry to say it, but not everyone needs the college experience. I'm here to learn and get my degree, and I could do that either way. For some, commuting just makes more sense. Others may just have no interest in living in a dorm away from home. Everyone is different, and everyone is entitled to make the choice to commute or dorm. I could care less about the college experience—I'm doing just fine.