Communication Is Not An Easy Major

As a Communication major, there are some assumptions that I often hear people make about it. First, people think that all I do is talk and that I want to get a job on the radio or on a news station. They also think that the major is easy. I am hear to tell you all that these assumptions are not true and that communication is actually a lot different that you thought.

To start off, I do not like to talk, especially not in big groups. I find it very hard to get up in front of people and just talk. I tend to speed up my words to a point where people cannot understand me. But with this major, I am getting better. I have had to get up in front of classes many times this last semester and present and I do think it has helped me. By the end of my college career, I hope to be better at speaking in front of groups but I will continue to work on it throughout my entire life.

My career goal is not to work for a news station or the radio. That is not all that Communication majors do. Some people do end up taking those careers because that is what they like to do but that is not me. Sure I would like to take a few classes about news reporting but I will never go into that career. My goal is to become an events coordinator. I enjoy planning things to do and have some really great ideas. Hopefully one day I will accomplish my goal and actually become an event planner.

I am a ommunication major, and it is not easy. Most people make assumptions about the major and say that people only choose it because they are not good at anything else and because it's easy. Well, I have news for those people, Communication is not easy! I have to put in just as much work as you do. Sure my time may not be spent in a lab researching all day but I am on the internet trying to find out the latest news. I have to write papers that are so long it hurts. Papers that are on current events. In class, professors expect that you know about current events. So I have to constantly be reading, watching or listening to the news to know what is going on in the world. Also, technology is constantly changing, so I have to be caught up on that too. So for those who say that my major is easy, I dare you to try some of my classes. It may not be the same level of difficulty that you have in a lab but I think you will find that it is harder than you expected.

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