Congratulations for surviving yet another year on Earth! The hard part is over, now it's time to welcome in a new year and new experiences. We all know that a new year means we're required to make a resolution for what we'll do differently this year. These resolutions are used as a way for us to understand what we should've done the year before but didn't.

We've all used the phrase "new year, new me" believing that if we live by this motto, we'll have a completely different life by the end of the next year. WRONG. Typically, when we say this, we expect to reverse everything we normally would.

New Year's resolutions are our dreams for the future. Now, sometimes we may fall short and use the most common resolutions known to mankind, but they're also some of the greatest. While most of the time, we set unrealistic goals, it's nice to know we've set them. It is time to see the resolutions we have all used once, or twice. *Drum roll please* The most commonly used New Year's resolutions that we are still using for this upcoming year:

1. Spend Less, Save More.

Okay, the holidays are finally over. We're officially able to save money as there are no gifts to buy. While we like to believe this is the case, we all know we end up spending money we don't need to on things we probably will only use once. Half the time we end up spending a majority of it on food.

2. Sleep, Gym, Repeat.

A new year means it's time to officially start that diet you've been pushing back. They say it takes 21 days to kick a bad habit so all you have to do is survive one month of dieting and you'll be in the clear. The first month is always the hardest and it's typically the same month people decide to give up. When setting weight loss goals and sleep schedules, make sure to be realistic. The more realistic, the less you are to quit.

3. Cut Back On Drinking.

I feel this will apply to most college students. Not only does drinking ruin your diet plans and spending habits, but you'll probably end up regretting it the next day. We believe that if we cut back on our drinking habits we'll save more money than we ever thought possible and we won't gain that beer belly by the end of our senior years. Less drinking is always a great thought; however, extremely difficult for most to achieve.

4. Stop Procrastinating.

"My project is in 2 weeks, i'll start it tonight." Somehow, we tell ourselves the second a new year begins, we will no longer be lazy and unwilling to get ahead in our studies or work. We'll be able to keep up the notion that we can finish work or homework early for a few weeks, and then it just hits. We begin to question why we do it to begin with. This is when some of us will lose to our unproductive habits and fall victim to procrastination one again.

5. Quit Your job.

The job you're barely scraping by in and the one you hate to show up to weekly. Yeah, we tell ourselves we're going to quit the second the new year begins. Come February, we'll still be in the same position at the same location believing that "now isn't the best time" to leave.

6. Create More "Me" Time.

If you're similar to me, you probably started a bucket list for the new year of everything you hope to achieve by 2018. You write down fantastic road trips and adventures to embark on, realizing you won't really be able to do everything as well, life happens.

7. Worry About Yourself.

We tell ourselves the second the new year begins, we will only focus on ourselves. That our happiness needs to be put before anyone else's. While I pray every time that I will follow this resolution and truly look after myself, I understand it's never that easy.

8. Live Life To The Fullest.

Y.O.L.O. Indeed we do, only live once. From this we decide to let go of those which do not fulfill our time and energy needs. Each time knowing that down the road we'll most likely to be talking to them once again. While we plan to become a whole new self, chances are extremely slim that that'll actually happen. While we cannot change who we are overnight, we can work on being the next version up of ourselves.

However wild and crazy your New Year's resolution may be, let's make this year our year!