Common Roles In Every Friend Group
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Common Roles In Every Friend Group

Chances are you're one of the following...

Common Roles In Every Friend Group

The Party Animal

There is always that friend that is down to go out—any day, any night. They know where the best parties are going to be, and they know how to have the best time. As your friend, they will always bring you along for an amazing night out. They can usually be found getting down in the middle of the dance circle or taking control as DJ of the party!

The Therapist

That friend that will drive to your house at 3 AM so she can comfort you, that will listen to all of your problems and doesn’t care how much you need to complain about, and will always have a shoulder ready for you to cry on. She loves you no matter what, and you love her right back!

The Comic Relief

Every friend group needs this person. When things get heated or someone is feeling down, they always know how to lighten the mood. They are outgoing, fun-loving, and always know how to have a good time.

The Hipster

That friend that is just a bit different from you and your friends. She is always trying to play music that no one has heard of, is always a bit too overdressed for the occasion, and is always pushing for your group to do different things. She opens your group up to the best coffee shops, obscure music, and pushes everyone to get outside of their boxes. She spices up your group’s life in the best way!

The Mom

They will look out for those that drink too much at a party and always makes sure that everyone returns home safely. They are the glue that holds your friend group together; If two people are having an argument, they have the tendency to be the one to resolve the conflict and make peace. Often the mom of the friend group likes their role in the group, so don’t feel too bad—just don’t abuse it!

The Mooch

I think its safe to say we all have that one friend that (supposedly) never has money on them. You and your friends find it hilarious that they constantly are begging for money, but it won’t be as funny when you get caught having to buy their food for the hundredth time. However, at least they always promise they will pay you back—even if they never do!

The Overachiever

She manages to get straight A’s, is involved in everything, and still makes time to hang out with her girls! She is the group tutor, and you repay her by attending yet another charity event that she put together. Her positive energy and involvement motivates your friends to be the best that they can be!

The Absolute Mess

…and you love them for it. Honestly, things never seem to go quite right for them, but they have accepted it at this point. Do your best to look out for them—especially at parties. Parties are a danger zone for the mess of the friend group.

The Guy’s Girl

Other than your group of girls, all of her homies are boys. She is chill, always can go with the flow, and doesn’t mind watching the game. You hate having to share her…but at least she introduces you to all of her cute friends!

The Flirt

She is that girl that all of the guys want, and you see why. She is cute, loves to have fun, and always knows what to say. She probably meets most of her flings through your friend mentioned above! Basically, your entire friend group lives vicariously through her love life.

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