Stop dressing for right now and start dressing for forever. It is as simple as that. We all want to be on trend and in the know, but some of the most important parts of future fashion are being ignored. In my fashion forecast, I see the fashion industry in a downward spiral. Companies and consumers alike are hurting themselves by making and buying clothing cheaper than ever.

Today, manufacturers are using cheaper labor and harmful chemicals to make the clothing we all love to wear. Fast fashion may be convenient at first, but it has a much longer lasting impact on the environment and people producing it. The shirt you buy from your favorite store an amazing, steal of a deal might as well be disposable napkin.

As consumers, we have been steered toward our bank accounts demise. You will buy the same cheaply made shirt five times before you buy the well-made, quality shirt that is equal in price to what you just paid for those five shirts. You are filling a landfill somewhere with your wasted money and poorly made clothing. A well-constructed shirt made from natural, quality materials could put a stop to this.

Sustainable fashion is a step toward helping your wallet, our future as consumers and fashion lovers. You don’t need to be a tree-hugger, hippy or environmentalist to want to make a difference. All I ask is that as a consumer, you think about your future. If you buy for quality instead of quantity then you can contribute to preserving the world around you and making it better.

I understand that the purse strings can be tight and that sustainable fashion sounds like a financial, emotional and mental commitment. However, if you put even half the commitment you put into last night’s Netflix binge and start dressing for forever; you can make a difference. Commit to sustainability.