Are Things Coming Full Circle For Donald Trump?
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The Donald Trump presidency is over. In a clear margin, one greater than his popular vote defeat at the hands of Hillary Clinton in 2016, the Republican presidential incumbent was denied a second term by former vice president Joe Biden in the most unprecedented, chaos-filled election our country has ever witnessed.

As the dust settles and any chance for a second term for Trump disintegrates, the now-former President has made history: he is the first president ever to twice lose the popular vote, and the larger margin by which he lost in this election all but epitomizes his lost support over the last four years.

Moreover, the evil the President employed during his tenure in the White House is now not just coming back to bite him, it's actually affecting him. Take his retweet from Thursday in which he replied "No thanks!" to a tweet that highlighted quarterbacks Deshaun Watson and Matthew Stafford kneeling during the national anthem in protest against racial inequality.

Of course this is nothing new from Mr. Trump as I'll highlight in a minute, but it was rather fitting that he used the phrase "no thanks," only weeks after America said "no thanks" to him not just this November but also in 2016. The big difference this go-round, is that the right states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) joined in ousting the incumbent.

But what exactly did he do as president that is now being turned back on him? Well, consider this tweet he sent on Black Friday.

However, Mr. Trump seemingly both participated in suppression of freedom of speech and advocated for voter suppression, the latter of which came during the election.

Remember the Colin Kaepernick-led protests that circulated through the NFL and bled into other sports in 2017? President Donald Trump actively went out of his way to try to silence these players--going as far as labeling them "sons of b-----s" and saying they should be released from their respective teams, even influencing the National Football League so much that Kaepernick has not played in the league since 2018.

As for him advocating for voter suppression, Trump tweeted a request to stop counting votes when he saw that his opponent was closing in on him in various states, namely Pennsylvania.

Even more comical is that Trump's supporters continuously (without base) malign Biden and his team for trying to "rewrite" the United States Constitution while the President has blatantly attempted to prevent people who don't agree with him from exercising their Constitution-sanctioned rights - which should have been grounds for impeaching the President.

Perhaps, the biggest indictment on Trump's term as president was his spread of misinformation as it pertained to those aforementioned protests. Even after Kaepernick clarified what his protest and intended message was, the former President relentlessly incorrectly claimed that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and players that joined him disrespected the flag, anthem, and the country's military. The seriousness of the President's behavior in conjunction with these protests is that his misinformation and hijacking of the message was adopted by most of the American society to the point that no one wanted to talk about the issues of racial inequality but rather the flag, anthem, and military.

Alas, on Thanksgiving, this came from the now-former President's fingers:

It took Mr. Trump three years to realize and experience the anger and frustration that is caused by having your intended message spun into something that it is not. Even though, as we'll see in a minute, Trump was still spreading misinformation because the spinning of his message was based upon a claim from The Atlantic that the then-President himself called fallen soldiers "losers" and "suckers" - which leads to the final way the tables have turned on Donald Trump.

A couple of weeks ago, a video surfaced of Trump returning to the White House while being serenaded with chants of "loser." While, objectively, this might be a sad scene, it is worth noting that he built part of his reputation on calling opponents, critics, and yes, fallen soldiers, losers - as confirmed by Fox News.

Aside from this being rather abnormal behavior and rhetoric from a president, terming people as "losers" is quite petulant for any grown person, much less one pushing 80. But in the end, the biggest loser was Trump himself, a man who's term as Commander in Chief was marred by his spread of false information, hijacking of messages, petulant name-calling, and advocacy of suppression of Constitutional rights. But perhaps, Trump lost in the most humiliating way possible by a president - and that is the fact that he was rejected twice by the American people, the only person who can say that.

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