Comedians of Social Media: Young-Joc Is One

This past week well-known hip-hop artist "Yung Joc" took over social media revealing his new look. The rapper posted a picture on Instagram with what seem to resemble a woman's hair cut with a textured perm and was extremely proud and excited about it. If he only knew that his fans would not only hate it but crash the internet with tons of "memes" and video blogs, rants, and chats.

Artist "Yung Joc" is known for his frequent appearances on the VH1 hit show "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" as he vocalizes his troubles with the ladies. However, before the reality show "Joc" had a very successful career in the early 2000's hitting the music billboard top ten charts with mega hits and even being named in "Forbes" magazine as one of the richest rappers at that time.

Besides his televised struggles with women "Yung Joc" is well respected for his work in the industry but I guess his come back to fit in today's music world wasn't a good choice. "Joc" new hair do sent many in an uproar but turned into a comedy show. At a whooping 17000 posts of memes and photo shopped photos between Facebook and Instagram. The funny thing is that the rapper isn't upset about this, "Joc" actually finds it very funny and is happy that his name is popular again just not in the way he imagined.

The question is do you think "Yung Joc" destroyed his career with this new hair cut? Does he have the chance to make a big come back and revive his career again or should he just stick to reality television? Well, sorry I find it quite hilarious but I really think it was a bad move. Glad he is not angry and continues to smile about it!

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