Are The Jonas Brothers Going To Last This Time?

Are The Jonas Brothers Going To Last This Time?

The iconic trio are back with a new single.

In 2013, the Jonas Brothers officially announced their break up. However, each of them went on their own career path and continue to develop. Nick Jonas continued to create music and dropped his own album that included hits like "Jealous" and "Chains." Joe Jonas also created smash hits like "Cake by the Ocean" for DNCE. He also appear as a judge for The Voice Australia in 2018. Kevin Jonas went more to the acting industry. He acted in tv shows like the The Celebrity Apprentice. They all seem to be leading successful and happy lives.

2008 Teen Choice Awards

On top of that, they took a turn with their individual careers and reunited. Many mid-2000s teens are excited they made a comeback when they released their single, "Sucker" on March 1. This has been their first single in a while and it's recently blowing up on the media.

Their single is the spark of their career thriving. For instance, they already have a take over week dedicated on the James Corden's Late Late Show where they will discuss their reunion, perform their single, and participate in activities like Carpool Karaoke.

The Jonas Brothers comeback is here to last because of everyone's reactions. The fact they came out of nowhere will be one of the reasons why most people are going to keep talking for a while. Not to mention, it brings back great childhood memories since many of their fans have been watching them since they were young. Along with their amazing talents, they will have continuous supporters and even new ones with their new hits.

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