It's my second year in university, I'm in my twenties, and I should be out living my best life. Yet, I'm stricken with homesickness. It's strange because I never experienced homesickness this strong in my first year. Now, in my second year, I'm calling home almost every day and finding any excuse to make myself feel like I'm at home. Some people may not find this strange, but it's something that weighs on my heart often.

My first year of university, you could find me begging to get back to campus anytime I was home. Now, I'm griping to get back home. It's not my friends, I love them dearly. It's not my classes, I've enjoyed my semester. It seems, though, I've found every other thing to complain about. If I was at home, then the weather wouldn't be so cold. If I was at home I could go to the beach. If I was at home, my mommy would cook for me. I compare everything to being at home.

How do you combat this? How do you combat homesickness so strong, you start to despise where you go to school? I'm not one of those people lucky enough to just go home for a weekend. My home is three hours away. I'm not entirely sure how to combat this. It's something I've never experienced before, and I'm not entirely sure why it's happening, either. Sometimes I think it's me realizing that I don't want to grow up. Maybe it's me realizing just how important family is.

No matter what it is, I have to say to anyone else experiencing this, you're not alone. You're not the only person who feels this way. Truthfully, the only advice I can offer is to continue calling home. Call home an annoying amount. Cook foods your mom would make. Watch shows that your family watches together. And know in your heart that it won't be much longer until you're back. It'll be okay. You got this.