6 Shocking Entrances On 'The Bachelor' That Made Us Question First Impressions
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6 Shocking Entrances On 'The Bachelor' That Made Us Question First Impressions

Not sure I would recommend dressing up as a sloth but if you do, own it!

6 Shocking Entrances On 'The Bachelor' That Made Us Question First Impressions

You heard it right ladies and gents, the new season of The Bachelor is back on and started back up this past Monday! I hope everyone watched the first episode because it is where the women show Colton THEIR first impressions! So sit back and relax, grab a friend and a glass of wine, while we countdown the 6 best entrances on Colton's season of The Bachelor! Alright, so let's get into the top five women who brought their A game once they stepped out of the limo; with an added sixth slow runner up!

1. "I haven't dated a virgin since I was 12"


The first woman to get out of the limo was Demi. She is a 23 years old interior designer that lives in Texas with her dad and stepmom. But, her pick up line to Colton is REALLY what got me... "I haven't dated a virgin since I was 12". This leaves me both confused and intrigued, and maybe that's the reaction that she was trying to get out of Colton. Well, girl let me tell you, it worked for the audience!

2. Miss North Carolina but ALSO Miss Underwood


Next, we have the lovely Caelynn from, of course, North Carolina. She is 23 years old and is the 2018 winner of Miss North Carolina. She steps out of the limo with her pageant sash on, so he knows that she is basically royalty in her state. But, what got me is when she rotated the sash around it said Miss Underwood! SO PERFECT and well thought out. I said this because Colton's last name is Underwood. I give her props but personally, she is not in my top five of who is going to win over Colton's heart.

3. "I have butterflies... literally a box of butterflies"


Alright, Cassie, I see you! We next have the women by the name of Cassie, she is 23 and is from California. When she came out of the limo she was holding a marbled box of butterflies and her line was "I have butterflies... no, I literally have a box of butterflies". What was the cutest part of this whole thing is that he dumped the butterflies out of the box and told her not to have them and as she walked away he picked one off of the ground and stuck it in his tux pocket. AWH, she's definitely one of my favorites!

4. "Fourth times the charm"


Maybe it's just me but this is the girl who is going to be the crazy person on this season! First of all, let's introduce her; Catherine is a 26-year-old DJ from Florida and has a ten-year-old dog named Lucy. When she got out of the limo she gave Colton her dog, Lucy, to take care of the whole season. I'm guessing until she doesn't get a rose? (which will happen to trust me) She was also the woman who stole Colton FOUR times throughout the night, unfair but she knows what she wants. I am not a fan of her and I don't think anyone else is either.

5. A whole lotta NOTHING


Hannah G. CHANGED THE GAME. She is 23 years old and is from Alabama. She came out of the limo with a gold present in her hand, we always love a person who comes bearing gifts! And when she gave him the present she said, "Colton I got you your favorite brand of underwear". When he opened it there was a huge surprise of... NOTHING! She really got him there and told everyone that he is known for not wearing any underwear. She is both witty and the one who got the first impression rose so you're doing something right girlie!

6. "I heaarddd youuuu likeeee to takeee thinnggsss ssllloooowwww"


I had to add in this extra 6th person because who doesn't love when a girl comes out of the limo wearing something ridiculous?! And that is exactly what Alex D. did. She is 23 years old and is from Massachusetts, and is now known as being the "sloth" girl. She SLOWLY came out of the limo and SLOWLY walked and talked to Colton saying the lines of "I heaarddd youuuu likeeee to takeee thinnggsss ssllloooowwww". So classic and funny, and even got into character by hanging in the tree! By the end of the night, she took off the costume and let Colton get to know her for Alex.

So, next time you're trying to woo a man that you're like, make a good first impression by (maybe) using one of these unique and creative ways that these ladies presented us with. Or just do us all a favor and be sincere and open up with a good pick up line.

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