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Pompeian Red:

In ancient Roman times, the color that we now refer to as Pompeian red was known by the name Sinopsis.

Pompeian Red

In ancient Roman times, the color that we now refer to as Pompeian red was known by the name Sinopsis.

What does the color known as Pompeian red

In ancient Roman times, the color that we now refer to as Pompeian red was known by the name Sinopsis. In particular, it was found in the cities of Ercolano and Pompeii, regarded as the most well-preserved since the lava flows "protected" them from destruction. The name "Sinopsis" was given to this pigment shortly after it was found in the ancient city of Sinope, which is located in what is now Turkey.

One way to think of Pompeian red is a natural, red ochre based on iron oxide. It has a real place of origin. It is also known as English red, hematite, terra rossa di Verona, Ercolano red, and terra di Pozzuoli. This color became regarded as the "trademark" of the remains at Pompeii and Ercolano because it was originally discovered in the fine and elegant homes of Roman Patricians. These villas were located in Pompeii and Ercolano.

What does the color known as Pompeian red look like in its pure form?

The Pompeian red is not just one color but a spectrum of colors that vary in the degree to which they have a red tint. In the beginning, the Pompeian residents would use the cinnabar scraps left over from their labor to make it. On the other hand, because of the tremendous cost associated with its creation, it was never used for anything other than an absolute last resort. After that, the whole item was replaced because it had a significant amount of mercury, which is exceedingly hazardous to one's health and can negatively impact one's life.

It was replaced with various other colors, including vermillion, red ochre, Mars red, and Rosso Pozzuoli. Both red ochre and Rosso Pozzuoli are composed of mixed oxides and hydroxides of iron (including the hematite).

How would you describe the color of the famous red found in Pompeii?

This magnificent color is famous all over the globe for the walls of Pompeii and the rooms in Ercolano; it is the symbol of land and a piece of history. Ercolano is located in central Italy. It is in Italy that you will find Pompeii. In point of fact, recent studies have demonstrated that the "Pompeian red" would reflect a modification of the original color of the frescos, which was created by the gas emissions released by the eruption in 79. This was shown to be the case by the fact that the "Pompeian red" has been identified.

Because of the high heat and gas released by the eruption, the experts believe that the walls have taken on a crimson color. This hue was brought about as a result of the intense heat. The pigment in the walls turned a crimson shade as a direct result of this eruption's consequences. The color commonly referred to as Pompeian red is just a "roasted" variant of the yellow ochre.

In point of fact, this so-called "myth that has been debunked" has been known about ever since the distant past. The author Plinio reveals in his book that the color red can be created by first roasting yellow ochre, which is the first step in the process. This causes the color to shift in a way that is not reversible. Because ancient Romans were well familiar with this process, it is possible that some buildings turned red as a result of the eruption, while others were already crimson before the explosion.

The color known as Pompeian red was sentenced to the death penalty:

Cinnabar has been put to use ever since the beginning of time in the process of extracting gold from the dross as well as any other impurities that might be present in the precious metal. In Chinese alchemy, it was believed to be the material of the philosopher's stone, whereas, in Greek alchemy, it was utilized to make diverse colors. In both cases, alchemy was derived from China.

It is possible that the Romans were uninformed of the risks posed by this material, considering that they routinely used this pigment to paint their homes; nonetheless, this is an unlikely situation. In point of fact, the ancient Romans were well aware of the hazardous features of cinnabar; in fact, it was known that they put their slaves and criminals to work in cinnabar mines on Mount Amiata and Almaden in Spain. The inmates who were made to work in close proximity to this toxic mineral were eligible to receive this legal form of the death penalty.

Artwork in the Pompeian Red Style:

You are seeing an up-close view of a portion of an antique wall that was discovered amid the ruins of Pompeii in Italy. It was buried for all time following the disastrous eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79 A.D. The word "Pompeian Red" immediately conjures up thoughts of ancient paintings and artists who commonly used the color red on buildings and public constructions in the city of Pompeii, which is now buried under the ash that was produced by an eruption. Cinnabar is processed to generate a spectrum of red that tends toward ocher and ranges in intensity from light to dark (the mineral from which mercury is extracted).
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The color known as Pompeian red is particularly suited for usage in domestic areas that are expected to be created in a more traditional form as a result of its vast history. However, exercise extreme caution because the color red is the one that is most pleasing to the human eye. This painting is capable of making such a strong impression that it entirely dominates the other pieces of furniture in the space. It is my suggestion that you put it to use but that you do so in an understated manner by deciding on the proportions of the frame. Unless, of course, you want this photograph to act as the dominant point of focus in the attention of a certain room.

This photo, an authentic piece of Pompeii's history, can be used as a topic of debate in the dining room, the kitchen, or even a quiet nook in the living room. These are all potential locations. It is a shade of red that is easy to mix and match with other colors, such as orange, yellow, green, purple, or burgundy, which makes it an excellent choice for fashionistas who enjoy boho and eclectic designs.

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