I See You, Collegiate 'Half-Way' Christian
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I See You, Collegiate 'Half-Way' Christian

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." 2 Chronicles 15:7

I See You, Collegiate 'Half-Way' Christian
Luca Baggio

I’ve read a lot of articles about the struggles of being a Christian in college. From what I’ve seen, these articles typically come from people who grew up in church with a devout family and have a hard time adjusting to the un-Christ-like things that happen in college. But there’s always something missing.

What about the students who are finding Christ in college? Those who weren’t raised in religious households or even in households of a different faith? Those who never really had a connection to faith before but are slowly finding it now? This article is for them.

I see you choosing between going to the frats on Saturday night or getting up early on Sunday morning for church.

If you weren’t raised to get up every Sunday morning for church, it’s hard to get there. You know if you go out on Saturday, getting up on Sunday is way less likely. You do the best you can. Why miss out on the fun of a Saturday night out with the girls just to get up on Sunday to listen what feels like the same message you heard last week, and the week before? It’ll take time. You’ll learn to love it. You’ll get there.

I see you signing up for bible studies, faith groups, and Q&A sessions.

You see the fliers around for the various faith events, like bible studies and Q&A sessions. You sign your name at the bottom of the list, you find a friend to go with you, and you try it out. Sometimes you get there and you feel that nagging “Why am I even here?” sensation. Sometimes you tough it out, and sometimes you ditch out early to get dinner before the dining hall closes. But you signed up. You went. You’re trying. You’ll get there.

I see you struggling to find God’s voice over all of the others.

It can be hard to hear God over all of the noise in college, even if you were able to hear Him before you came to college. Everyone is constantly throwing out unsolicited advice. But as someone who hasn’t ever been able to make themselves listen for God, the stress of trying to decipher who is who is terrifying. You wish you could give God a megaphone. So you pray. You give it time. You try your best to do what He plans for you. You’ll get there.

You see, collegiate “half-way” Christian, I am you. I plan out “God time” in my schedule, and sometimes it gets overrun by assignments and meetings and emergency trips to get ice cream. My prayers are full of demands and wishes and wants and they leave little room for praise. I see the chaos around me and I ask “Why, God?” more than I know I should. But that’s okay. We are learning. We are trying. We’ll get there.

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