College students are hard working people. They study, sleep, socialize, and party. Like all adults, they deal with stress, social issues, relationship complications, and so much more. Although there are various different ways to deal with these issues, there's one particular way that would help everyone, especially college students. That is relaxing in a jacuzzi. Even though various schools have pools, numerous dont have jacuzzis's. Here are reasons why campuses nationwide should have them.

1. Relieves Stress

Out of every way to get rid of it, nothing relieves stress more then a nice, relaxing hot tub. It's proabably one of very few places where once one steps in, freezes all the negativity.

2. Builds Social Skills

A jacuzzi is a perfect way to meet new people and really get to know them. Especially since your sitting in a tub full of water where nobody is looking at their phone and people are actually looking at each other.

3. Another Hang Out Spot on Campus

Big schools contain countless hang out areas while smaller schools don't. If all college campuses had one, it would be another place for students to hang out and mingle.

4. It's The Perfect First Date

Sitting in a hot tub makes a perfect first date since you would actually be able to interact and learn about the person. You would also have little to no distractions, since technology and water dont mix.

5. Gives Students Something To Do

Although we should always be doing something, bordeom still hits us. When this happens, along with playing video games or watching Netflix, we should be able to relax in a nice hot jacuzzi.

6. Adds More To The Four Year Experience

Who would'nt want to look back and say they were able to watch a football game in a hot tub or had their first kiss in one? Or that in their spare time, a jacuzzi was where they would go to chill with friends. Like all the other fun stuff, if college campuses had them, they would be a nice contribution to student's four year experience as well.

7. Another Way to Warm Up in the Winter

In some parts of the U.S., winters can be freezing.It can be challenging to not step out doors without receving frost bite. Yes a nice hot beverage can help warm you up however, it doesn't warm up your entire body. Unlike hand warmers, a hot beverage, and winter clothing, a jacuzzi warms up your entire body. Besides who would'nt want to watch snow fall while chilling with friends or that special somebody in a tub full of hot water?