Confessions Of A College Introvert

Confessions Of A College Introvert

I'm that nerd who sits in my room alone every night. Here's why.

If you Google the word "introvert," you get "a shy, reticent person." Reticent means "not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily." That's not what an introvert is.

Sure, introverts can be shy, but not all of us are. You can be outgoing and still be introverted. To be introverted means to prefer one's own company over the company of other people. This means I highly prioritize my alone time. This is the time I take to "recharge" after a long day at work, or several hours of social interaction.

Being introverted doesn't necessarily mean antisocial. It doesn't mean I don't like people. It just means I like my quiet, alone time more than I like being around others with whom I feel like I have to constantly converse. Having a bunch of friends over is an introvert's nightmare, because we feel so much pressure to entertain them, when we know that when we're alone, we don't have to entertain ourselves. We can do whatever we want, whether that be laying in bed, reading a book, or watching Netflix, in no one's presence but our own- and that's all an introvert wants to relax at the end of a long day.

Introverts like having friends. Don't get me wrong, I love going to grab dinner in the dining hall with friends. But when it comes to my free time, I like to be alone. Sure, I like to socialize once in a while, but constant social interaction is easily draining. And alone is the only way I can be productive and get anything done.

So my confession is this: I like being alone in my room. Some people may find that sad, and try to drag me out to parties, but the truth is is that's where I'm happiest. I don't sit alone in my room because I'm sad- in fact, it's just the opposite. It because that makes me happy. And many people will frown at the idea and encourage me to get out and socialize more, or perhaps claim that I am wasting the college experience. But for me, being alone is being productive, calm, and happy. And I can always choose to go out with friends if I want to. But most of the time, I like to be alone, where I am most comfortable.

So my lesson learned as a resident college student introvert is this: do what makes you happy. You are the person who knows yourself best, so don't let anyone else try to tell you how to live your life. If sitting alone in your room makes you feel sad and lonely, then you should definitely go out with friends to cheer up. But if being alone in your room doing homework on a Friday night is your cup of tea, like it is mine, (call me a nerd all you want, my grades are fabulous) then no one has the right to tell you not to do it. Do what works for you. Because you cannot depend on anyone else for your happiness except for yourself.

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When Life Sets Your Plans Back, Learn How To Slow Down Not Give Up

How dare life not play by our rules!


Having lived both in Los Angeles and Phoenix, I have been acquainted with traffic for quite some time.

I hate traffic.

Sure, sometimes a car accident happens or it's a construction zone. In that case, traffic is understandable.

It's all the other times that drive me crazy. It's when it feels completely unnecessary. All the cars are jammed pack because one person decided to step on the brakes throwing a whole mess of cars off because of the laws of the rubberband effect.

Meanwhile, I'm behind the wheel sitting in what feels like a parking lot, frustrated because I'm not getting to where I want to be. I'm not even moving; yet, I'm burning all this gas trying to get somewhere. The carpool lane or even the other side of the freeway is moving and I'm watching them at 0 mph.

That's the worst part. Whether you are behind the wheel or not, it's not easy watching others get to where they're going when you're not moving at all.

Some of us know what we want to do with our lives. We know where we want to be. It's getting there that's the problem because it feels like everything is stopping us from getting there. We're just stuck in the car and unable to move, no matter how hard we try.

Ladies and gents, it's times like this where we need to gain something called PERSPECTIVE.

Life, like traffic, doesn't play by our rules. If it did, life would be easy and we'd have no need for God. As we all know, life is far from easy. We have to work hard for what we want. No matter how hard we work, we will always need God.

In fact, God uses these frustrating moments that feel so unnecessary to teach us more and more about His faithfulness, His goodness, and His promises.

It's the waiting. It's the no good, slow down traffic life offers us that God uses to mold us and shape us into the person He wants us to be.

He continuously reminds us that while we're worried about getting somewhere someday, he's more concerned about our hearts and whether or not we are seeking him right now.

Slowing down may seem like it's forever, but it's not. Take this time of slowing down to gather your senses. Look around at the scenery and realize you're not the only one stuck in traffic. No, it's not just you.

I know you want to go full speed ahead chasing your dreams, but perspective is about taking a step back. Try new things by doing things you never thought you would do. Find things that you're passionate about and let that be the driving force when life picks up again. Yes, life will pick up again and when it does, you need to be in the right state of mind for all the bumps in the road along the way.

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