College students have to refrain from giving a smart ass remark when families ask them their plans for the future.

College students are constantly complaining about money or the lack thereof.

Professors do this weird thing where they don't round up your 67% to a B.

College students will do anything they can, so they don't have to pay.

After being on break, you go back to school and don't remember a thing.

Taking math classes is torture- especially when it seems completely irrelevant for your major.

After only two weeks of school, the professor will say "Your first midterm is next week."

One of the best feelings is eating a home cooked meal after a long semester filled with bland, cafeteria food.

Occasionally, what we reviewed is actually on the test.

Perhaps the reason Shameless is a college student's favorite show on Netflix to binge watch is because we can all relate to being a little shameless.