Garfield is part of one of the greatest comic strips of all time running for 38 years, it has been estimated that he has been in 2,580 newspapers. He also has had several television shows, 5 movies with 1 on the way, video games and comic books. He also acts just like a college kid! He hates Monday's, is always hungry and takes plenty of naps. Here is College Told by Garfield:

1. Mondays.

2. When you get a paper back and there’s red writing all over it.

3. When someone says lets go to the gym!

4. Starting every morning like:

5. Being able to nap is the greatest thing ever.

6. Every week feels like this.

7. When your computer isn’t working.

8. When you have a lot of homework.

9. Walking into the dining halls like.

10. When you *finally* have a second to yourself.

11. When a new season of your favorite show comes on Netflix.

12. First day of classes after Christmas break.

13. When your friends are busy and you wanna do something.

14. Anything done on the weekend.