College As Told By 'That '70s Show'

College As Told By 'That '70s Show'

This show may take place in the '70s, but it is still oh-so relatable in 2016.

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If you've ever watched "That '70s Show" then you'll know that it is really relatable and really funny. Check out these funny moments all college students will relate to!

1. When you finally choose a major... and every one hates on it.

2. After hard core studying the night before an exam... then regretting not studying in advance...

3. After you finish the exam you didn't study enough for...

4. After you get your grade back for the before-mentioned exam...

5. That moment when you pull an all-nighter and you act weird as a result.

6. How everyone feels towards the end of the spring semester. Summer is so close and yet so far...

7. College relationships in a nutshell.

8. When your roommate is out of town for the weekend and you no longer have to impress anyone.

9. We all have that one friend that distracts us from doing homework.

10. Pretty much.

11. When you really want to go out and do something bad because you're in college and that's what college students do... but then you chicken out because you're scared.

12. When you haven't done anything productive all school year and its time to apply for internships and jobs.

I hope this article gave you all a good laugh! Tune in next week for another article!

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