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'Frats Are Overrated' And 12 Other College Lessons I've Learned In Just 3 Months

Things I never thought that I would admit.

'Frats Are Overrated' And 12 Other College Lessons I've Learned In Just 3 Months
Chelsea Edgar

College is everything that I've wanted it to be and more. I love and value all of the dreaded times just as much as the good ones. Although it's only been 3 short months, I have learned many things, some important and others not so much, that I will take with me not only throughout college but life. Making the decision to attend the University of Kentucky is the best decision that I've ever made and I wouldn't change it for the world. College has taught me to grow up much quicker than wanted in certain situations and keep a young heart during other times. I will continue to enjoy my time because I can tell by just a few short months, that these will, in fact, be the best 4 years of my life.

Makeup? Never heard of her

I always treated high school as a fashion show, making sure that I showed up in the trendiest attire with a full face of hair and makeup. It took a few short days of college classes to realize that nobody cares what I look like because they don't look like a superstar either. People are much more focused on other things rather than how they look in a 9 A.M.

Frats are overrated

Just three frat parties into the year and I came to the conclusion that they are not all that I thought they would crack up to be. It dawned on me that dark basements and loud music while "Brad" from Delta Sigma whatever spilled beer down my back, was not my ideal environment. Will I stop going? Probably not, but trust me when I say, don't get your hopes up.

Come to terms with procrastination

I had three weeks to do an assignment and kept telling myself that I would get it done, but all of a sudden, its 3 hours before its due and I don't have a word on the paper. Don't try to avoid procrastination because it will never work. Just let it happen, because you may end up doing your best work under last-minute pressure.

Naps can be taken anywhere

When you've just taken your third exam of the week and sleep deprivation starts to kick in, it is seemingly easy to "rest your eyes" practically anywhere. And naturally resting your eyes turns into the inevitable three-hour nap. The neck kink from falling asleep on the library floor may not be rewarding afterward, but it certainly does the trick at the moment.

Money disappears a lot faster than you think

It really does just that. One day you have all the money in the world, thinking you're good to go for a while and the next, you're scraping up quarters from corners of rooms to try and buy yourself a vending machine snack. $10 on Chipotle doesn't seem bad when you're buying it, until its Saturday and you've realized that you've spent $60 on Chipotle in one week.

You can only eat so much dining hall food

It only takes a few bad experiences with the undercooked meat and funky looking pasta to realize that you may only be able to have it once a day. So, stalk up on Ramen and Mac N Cheese cups, because those truly will be your lifesaver.

Get up for the noon games

As much as you dread the 9 a.m. tailgates that require a 7 a.m. wake up time, do it. There's only so many and the noon tailgates always somehow end up being the best ones.

Missing one 'Thirsty Thursday' won't kill you

Trust me when I say that if you don't go out at least one Thursday night, it won't be the end of the world. An exam the next morning is much more important than two hours at a frat. There will always be more Thursdays, never another of the same exam.

You can, in fact, live on 3 hours of sleep

As much as you think it can't be done, you can function on very little sleep. I truly believe that college students have the strongest bodies out there because the time of our average sleep is definitely somewhere around two or three. Yet somehow, we still manage to make it through every day on - with the help of a lot of caffeine.

 You will be sick every other week

I wish I would've valued what it was like to be healthy before I arrived at college. I've discovered that it's inevitable that I soon as I'll start to get over an illness, something else will creep up on me. I've really just excepted that I won't ever be completely healthy for the next four years.

 Laundry is an unnecessary struggle

Lugging weeks worth of clothes down to the laundry room and using the crappy machine can all be avoided for months at a time if you drench your clothes in Febreze and perfume.

 Once you skip one, you can't stop

You think you're just going to sleep in one day because a certain class isn't that important, and before you know it, it has been a week and you've only gone to two of your classes.

 Everything really will work out

As much as you think the world is burning to the ground and nothing is going the way that you've planned, it really does somehow end up working itself out. Don't stress more than you need to. Don't try to control things that you can't.

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