College Taught Me How To Fail

College Taught Me How To Fail

College is full of surprises. Get ready for the most ruthless of them all: failure.

It's no secret that college, job and internship searches, and life, in general, requires a certain level of failure tolerance. It's inevitable; sometimes you just won't get into the college of your choice, the program of your choice, the club of your choice, the team of your choice. Especially now, as life goes from your small world at high school where you were the best at what you did, to the not-so-small world of college where everyone around you is the best at what they do. Sometimes people are better than you, and that's just the way it is. Sometimes you pull far out of your comfort zone and get slapped on the wrists because you reached farther than you were ready for. Sometimes failure is just inevitable. But it most certainly isn't and shouldn't be the end of your world. So, you need failure tolerance. You need resilience. You need to be able to bounce back from it and keep striving on.

But the suckiest part about it is that in order to build failure tolerance, you inherently have to fail.

Many of us, getting to this point, we never really failed at anything. So to hear, "Sorry, you weren't good enough," for the first time can be soul crushing. Especially after you put so much hard work into it, especially after you thought you were a sure shot for the job.

I applied to a club recently, and I went to their networking events, did research, worked for hours on my resume and wrote a cover letter, dressed up, learned what a case interview was. Worst of all, I set my sights really high. I thought I was good enough to get in. I really, really wanted to get in. I made it all the way through to the last round, but I wasn't good enough. For any number of reasons, I just wasn't good enough to make the cut. I was upset over it. I was mad at how it was such a waste of time, how I had spent so much energy on this one club, and ultimately got nothing out of it.

A few hours of thinking later, I realized that I actually got so much out of it, out of the experience. This was a solid learning experience. And no, that's not the most cliché thing to say. It's real. I learned so much from this experience. I learned what business professional and business casual mean. I learned what is a case interview. I learned how to write a proper resume (thanks to my awesome brother). I learned how to follow up and maintain relationships, how to network. And, yes, I learned how to deal with failure.

The important thing to remember is that it happens, to everyone, and the best thing to do is pick up and keep going on. "Just keep swimming," like Dory says. It's not the end of the world. Plus, this is the time for us to make mistakes, to go down the wrong paths, to tank interviews, to say the wrong thing, to build that failure tolerance. Right now in these first years of college, everything is low-risk and very, very high return. There's no other time like it. We have to take advantage of it. I'm glad I went out for that club, because even though I was rejected, I learned so much.

And when I come back next semester, I'll dazzle them. Because failure is nothing I can't handle.

(Shout-out to my brother for the inspiration for this article, for picking me up when I was down. You make me who I am, and I would be nowhere near where I am if it weren't for you.)

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1. The Sorority Woman

This Homecoming Queen was a multi-sport athlete and, of course, a cheerleader. She now plans her sorority’s mixers and date parties instead of homecoming week festivities, and her love for community service has only grown due to her chapter’s philanthropy. She prides herself on her involvement around campus and can always be spotted in her letters!

Except, on the rare occasion, that she finds herself at Logan’s on Campus. Those rare occasions being every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night between the hours of 12 and 2 am. If you are looking for someone classy that has a resume fit to impress your mom, this is the girl for you!

2. The Non-Sorority Woman

This girl joined an organization with 100+ other women, but is NOT in a sorority, just FYI. The difference lies in the fact that women’s organizations are not nationally recognized. Which would you rather have on your resume? Anyways, the non-sorority woman strictly associates herself with non-fraternity men.

These ladies and gentleman believe themselves to be the truest and purest form of Aggies on campus, while still holding their philanthropy banners in the Academic Plaza, just like everyone else. If you are looking for someone who claims not to be basic, but still has their affiliations in their Instagram bio, this is the girl for you!

3. The Chaser

The best way to describe this girl is ambitious. She knows what she wants, or better yet who she wants, and she is going to go after it… or him. There are many types of chasers, but at Texas A&M there are two in abundance: Boot Chasers and Cleat Chasers. Boot Chasers hold the traditions of the university dear to their heart. That is obviously why they spend so much time on campus near the realm of the boys in khaki.

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26 Thoughts You Have Every Day Walking To Class At KSU

13. A PR tent? Let me take the long way so I don't have to talk to anyone.

As I am close to reaching the end of my second year at KSU, I have found that every single day walking to class the same thoughts go through my head.

Maybe I’m too easily distracted, annoyed, or a little bit of both, but without a doubt, these 26 thoughts run through my mind as I make the trek from central deck every day.

1. Why are you walking so slow?

2. Really… this isn’t a runway, stop sauntering and start moving.

3. SERIOUSLY, knees to chest, I have a class to get to and I’ll run you down if I have to.

4. Why is it so cold?

5. Why is central deck called central deck, when half of my classes are at the opposite side of campus. What is it even central to?

6. Why is it so hot?

7. Oops, I should have looked before I crossed the street.

8. I take that back. If that car hit me I would have an excused absence from class.

9. I wish all of my classes were in Prillaman.

10. Wait, no. I wish all of my classes were in Social Sciences for the Starbucks.

11. Better yet, I wish Prillaman had a Starbucks.

12. Man, whatever they have in the Commons today smells so good. Why don’t I have any swipes?

13. A PR tent? Let me walk the long way so I don’t have to talk to anyone.

14. I have literally gone here for two years and I still don’t know what’s in that building.

15. Why did I get out of bed today?

16. Literally, if my professor posted the powerpoint on D2L I wouldn’t have had to get out of bed today.

17. I know I need school.. But do I really?

18. Is it worth being late to class to get a coffee?

19. Absolutely. Coffee is the priority.

20. If I go to class without any caffeine, I won’t be productive. I have to have coffee.

21. I wonder how much money I’ve spent on coffee at the Social Sciences Starbucks alone.

22. Why is the line always all the way wrapped around the building? I don’t have time for this.

23. Now that I have coffee, I’ll probably be a better student.

24. I wonder what that sign is on the door of my classroom…

25. Oh. Class is canceled. Perfect I guess we don’t use D2L to communicate anymore. That would be too hard.

26. Back to bed I go.

If you go to KSU, you know you can relate to at least a few of these. Maybe you aren’t as coffee oriented as I am, but I feel like it’s universally known that college campuses raise some questions as you contemplate how important class actually is today.
Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Pastor

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