16 Things You Need In Your College Survival Kit

16 Things You Need In Your College Survival Kit

Here's to many wonderful naps and as few sick days as possible.

The fall semester is fast approaching! Whether it's your first time heading off to college or you're nearing the end of your time there, we could all do with a no-nonsense list of things that you absolutely have to bring. These items will make you much more comfortable, not to mention make you more ready to handle everything that life will throw at you.

1. Emergen-C

This stuff will literally keep you alive. It's #1 on this list for a reason.

2. Mattress Topper

You'll want to make your bed as comfortable as possible.

3. Clorox Spray

The lazy college student's best friend; just spray and it does all the hard work for you.

4. Clorox Wipes

For quickly cleaning up all the little messes and killing all the germs.

5. Germ-X

Have one of these with you at all times. There's no telling who has touched the door handles before you.

6. Some kind of safe/lock box

Your roommates may be your best friends and you may trust them with all your secrets, but there's no telling who will end up in your room and what kind of state they will be in. It's best to keep certain things (like your hard-earned money) out of sight.

7. Febreze

Not suggesting that you just spray your clothes with Febreze instead of actually washing them, but it helps to make the dorm feel a little more homey.

8. Sweatpants

Freshmen, your first time wearing sweatpants to class will come much sooner than you think.

9. An oversized hoodie

Perfect for embracing your inner potato.

10. A sleep mask

To make falling asleep as effortless as possible.

11. Extremely comfortable shoes

You'll bring all your cutest sandals, but you'll inevitably resort to the most comfortable shoes you own the lazier and busier that you get.

12. A reusable water bottle

STAY HYDRATED. I cannot emphasize this enough. With all that running around you have to do, you have to keep your body healthy. Plus, there are so many colors!!

13. A planner and/or calendar

No matter how disorganized you are, we all have to become a little bit more like Leslie Knope in order to survive in college.

14. Dry shampoo

Sometimes, you just need those extra 15 minutes in the morning to get you through the day.

16. Chocolate, and plenty of it

Chocolate is vital for keeping your mood up during those long study sessions.

Well, there you have it. The things that absolutely everyone needs in college and nothing that you don't. Here's to many wonderful naps and as few sick days as possible.

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8 Things Your RA Wants You to Know


Moving into a dorm your first year of college can be very intimidating. You've seen the movies, you've talked to your older friends, but you're still a little nervous. We all were a little nervous moving in our first year, anyone who says otherwise is lying. The movies aren't entirely accurate, especially when it comes to the RAs. Here's a list to help guide you a little when moving into a residence hall your freshman year, and here's exactly what to expect from your RA.

These are seriously helpful hints from a previous RA, if you know these things going in your freshman year in the dorms will be a breeze when it comes to RAs. Read the list and dominate your freshman year, because these are the things your RA wish you knew.

1. We are friendly, therefore we love friendly people.

Don't even pretend like you're too cool for your RA because that will either make them completely resent you or try way too hard to get you to open up. I can tell you right now that those are two things you definitely don't want. Don't be afraid to say hi or go out of your way to introduce yourself, we like that.

2. Don't kiss up.

No one likes a kiss up, not even your RA. If you try kissing up chances are we are just going to be slightly annoyed and slightly suspicious of you for the rest of the year.

3. Be smart.

Here's the catch to RAs: they are there to make sure you follow all the rules of the hall. We know you're going to go out and do things you're probably not old enough to do, but be smart about it. Don't drink in the halls, especially if you're not even legal to drink. Don't go out and get wasted only to come back and trash the halls. You can go out and do your own thing, and as long as you don't cause any problems throughout the hall then you won't get in any trouble.

4. We want you to come to events.

We put on these events specifically for you, so when you don't come it sucks for us. Don't be afraid to just stop by for the food, because we will honestly be happy to see you.

5. We aren't stupid.

We know when you're trying to get on our good side so we won't get you in trouble, we know when you're drunk, we know when you're doing things you shouldn't be doing. We are simply RAs, we aren't stupid.

6. We are students too.

We are there to help you adjust to college, it's literally our job. So don't be afraid to reach out, we're students too, we know what the college transition is like and we are there to help you.

7. Don't you dare turn to passive-aggression.

Being passive aggressive will solve exactly zero of your problems. Don't be passive aggressive to your roommate, to your neighbor, or even to the people that live down the hall.

8. We aren't there to spite you.

We are just doing our job, we aren't trying to annoy you or trying to get you in trouble. So don't be upset when we bust you for drinking in the dorms because you're not allowed, not of age, and it's our job. In the end, it's not our fault it's yours.

These helpful tips will make your time in college just a little easier. College can be hard and having troubles where you live isn't something that you want. So know what your RA wants you to know, and dorm life will be a breeze.

Cover Image Credit: http://nique.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Freshman-Dorm_Online_Edit.jpg

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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Each Day

Don't wait until tomorrow to start


Checking off everything on your to-do list is easier said than done. It requires commitment, but above all, it requires creating healthy habits. It does not matter if you are a student, in the workforce, or even a stay at home parent. Who doesn't want to be productive and make the most of their day? It takes practice and you can't change overnight. I put together the top 5 tips to be the best version of yourself each and every day.

1. Morning time = YOUR time.

Each morning you wake up, focus on what you want to accomplish that day. Don't just open Instagram and mindlessly scroll through all the pictures of the people that you probably barely like. As soon as you wake up, drink a huge glass of water, take your personal time to wake up and think about how you want to tackle your day. Even if your goal is to watch as much Netflix as possible, at least you have a goal with a plan. This also is where it pays off to have a calendar to keep track of your future plans.

2. Don't try to do so much at once.

Stop trying to do a million things at once. This inevitably raises your stress and counteracts the whole concept of being productive because you're just too overwhelmed. It is much more efficient to take on one task at a time and finish it with the most effort you can give. You will feel like you have accomplished more when everything isn't half-assed.

3. Pray.

You can't do this thing called life on your own... We aren't meant too. Look to him when you need that boost in your day. God will bring good things your way.

4. Get a good sweat sesh in.

It is proven over and over again that a daily habit of exercising increases your health, happiness, and overall being. Exercise can actually give you more energy, as crazy as that sounds. When you sit around all day, don't you feel more tired? Maybe even sore? Go to the gym for even 30 minutes and you can change your entire mindset throughout the day.

5. Be present with other.

I know I put this last, but this is an example of saving the best for last. I can not stress enough how important it is to be present with the people around you, in public and private. Put away down things that distract you. There is a big world out there. Engage in conversations with others around you. People will remember how you make them feel, positive or negative.

Your life is simply days following days. It is up to you to decide if you enjoy those days or barely survive those days. In the end, the life we choose to live is determined by the choices that we make each and every day. Begin each day by doing something different, big or small, and watch your life change.

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