Struggles of taking summer classes
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9 Struggles Of Taking Your Summer Classes Even Harry Potter Couldn't Apparate You Away From

TFW you realize you aren't the chosen one.

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We couldn't wait for spring semester classes to end, but we've somehow found ourselves still in the classroom. Is it for a fun internship or volunteer work? Nope, it's yet again for class. I ended up deciding to take 15 credit hours this summer, and while I know it's great for the long-run, there are definitely still downsides for now.

1. Remember how you thought you would have free time this summer?

I 100% did not expect online classes to take more time than my in-person ones.

2. "Are you in class?"

I feel like I'm always in class. There will be no messages in the group chat all day, but when I get out of class, I seem to have missed literally everything.

3. "Are you done with homework yet?"

The grind never stops — not even for summer.

4. Finally finding time to see people

It's been a month since spring semester ended, and I've only seen my friends once. It's actually quite tragic.

5. When it comes to family...

I know college students being home for the summer is an adjustment for everyone, but understand that it's an adjustment for us, too. We spent nine months being able to do our work in quiet study rooms and libraries, so working on stuff at home is a very different environment.

6. "Sprint courses aren't that bad."

I don't know about you, but fitting 15 weeks worth of content into six is a lot. Taking an entire language course in six weeks? I would not personally recommend.

7. Trying to balance everything

Netflix shows are calling my name and waiting to be binge-watched, but deep down I know I don't really have time for them.

8. Realizing that the previously mentioned balance does not exist

Well, let's see. I have homework due these days, an exam this day and another exam this day. At least there's a vacation coming up? Joke's on you because you actually have a final during the week you originally scheduled your trip.

9. Knowing this will be you when classes end

You're free! Summer fun can finally begin.

If you're like me, summer classes are probably sucking the life out of you. It'll be OK though, so let's get through the final seven or so weeks together. After this, it'll be time to move back to our personal versions of Hogwarts, and we'll be reunited with everyone for our regularly scheduled squad shambles.

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To my boyfriend's parents,

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