10 Things College Students Think When They’re Home Over Break
Coming back home from college is the break that we all look forward to. No more worrying about exams or papers, and the summer will be filled with memories with hometown friends. Although, it isn't as peachy as it seems.

1. “This is nice.”

For the first time in a while, you can finally breathe. No more professors breathing down your neck for lengthy papers or detailed exams. The food is homemade and you can finally sleep in your own bed.

2. “Do I really have to go back to work?”

Sadly, with the free time comes work. How else are you gonna afford to live next year?

3. “...Chores?”

The nice thing about living alone is that you decide when to clean your room, do your laundry, or clean your dishes. But instead of professors being on your back, your parents have jumped on. We love you mom and dad, but give us a break.

4. “I can FINALLY sleep.”

School means stress, and stress means hardly any sleep. It's nice to lay your head on the pillow and not have to deal with the anxiety of having an exam or paper due the next day. For once you can finally sleep, empty-minded.

5. “I can’t wait to see my friends.”

We all love our friends at school, but sometimes it's nice to come back to your roots and regroup before moving out again.

6. “Less stress means more play.”

Now that you don't have to worry about cramming, you can finally relax after work or go out with your friends from home. It's nice to have no assignments weighing on your mind for the first time in almost a year.

7. “Oh, how I missed my car.”

Taking a car to school can get expensive. Sometimes you can't even bring a car to school depending on your class year. It's nice to come home and have your car to take you wherever, whenever.

8. “Alright, I’m bored.”

If you're anything like me, the excitement of coming home wears off pretty quickly. You've gone to your favorite spots, seen your people, and now you're bored again. It almost feels like you're stuck in high school for another three months."

9. “Seriously? Can I survive three months here?”

Now that you've hit your favorite spots in your small town, it seems like there's nothing to do. After a week or so you find yourself twiddling your thumbs out of boredom.

10. “I’m ready to go back. Like, now.”

Mom and dad, we love you, but school is just awesome. Being home is nice, and reconnecting with the people you love is even better. But school is home, and you can't help but miss the people and the memories.

We love home. We love you, mom and dad. But the freedom and fun at school is something that can't be replaced. Truth is, school has been home for the past nine months, and we're all starting to get homesick by now.

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