College is hard. I will explain to you the painfully stressful day of a college student.

1. Getting up for class

Your eyes snap open after a total of 4 hours of sleep because you remember you forgot to do an assignment due today. It's a good start to the day.

2. Barely finishing an assignment to turn in during your next class

You somehow finish the assignment and you are pumped! You don't even know how you managed to do it so fast.

3. Panicking because you can't print it out

Then you realize you don't have a printer, so now you have to run around campus trying to print your work. You find a printer and its wireless and time is running out. Panic sets in and you're screaming in your head, "How do you use these stupid wireless printers!!!"

4. Arriving late to class, paper in hand

You finally print your paper and you're trying to act casually as you are speed walking to class. You have a sweatshirt on because it was freezing this morning, but somehow it turned into 80 degrees and now you are sweating bullets. On top of that, there are herds of freshmen walking around, so you have to do acrobatic moves to swerve your way to class. Wonderful.

5. Class starts and you're sitting there like

Only two minutes late, you make your way to your seat and you are so relieved you made it. But it hits you, you only got 4 hours of sleep. You try so hard, but the class is so warm and the teacher is speaking in a dead monotone.

6. Getting yet another homework assignment in that class

Class is almost over and you somehow made it through a whole hour and twenty minutes. You are getting ready to pack up when your professor stops everyone for a quick handout. You get the handout and look down to see another essay assigned for next Monday.

7. Procrastinating, once again

Classes are over and now you have most of your day to do your homework, workout, and get work done! You sit down at your desk. Then you realize you have to clean your room, do some laundry, paint your nails, order more Prime Pantry and call your mom. Three hours later, you sit down at your desk with guilt of wasting three precious hours.

8. Searching for the motivation to start working on it

You start planning and prepping to do homework and it hits you how much homework you have. You wonder, "Why do all professors hate me?," "How will I get all of this homework done this week?," "Do I even have that many hours in the day?." You feel like you're drowning. "Will I make it out alive?"

9. Realizing you're also broke and can't feed yourself

You barely get a couple hours of work done when your friend asks you to go to Chipotle. You are broke.

10. But you don't care because college students are masters of "fake it 'til you make it"

You make a split second decision because when you want to be flamboyant and live the life you are meant to live as Miranda Priestly. So you go to Chipotle and spend the money you don't have.

11. Clearing your head with some much-needed friend time

You come back and decide to hang out with your friends for a bit. Then you remember that the people around you are the reason how you are still sane in college. Friends make everything better -- studying even feels like a party.

12. The day is finally over, and you're ready to pass out

A day has come to an end and you are absolutely drained. You didn't finish all of the homework you wanted because it is almost impossible. Today was not as productive as you wanted, but hey, at least there is always tomorrow, a fresh new day. Goodnight.