The College Student's April as Told by Dwight Schrute

April sucks. You're so close to summer break, yet so incredibly far away. Your planner is falling apart (and so is your life). It seems like the end will never come. Dwight Schrute knows.

Peering out at summer break like...

It's so close you can almost taste it.

...only for your professors to cram every test and assignment down your throat all at once

Isn't this technically considered abuse? No? Okay... just checking.

And you deal with it in a very healthy way once you get a moment alone

First mental breakdown of the day... check.

It's nearly impossible to be in a good mood

It's hard to have fun when you can feel your GPA dropping by the hour.

When your family calls and asks if you "have much work to do this week"

"I have 3 tests this week and an essay due tonight by midnight that I haven't started. Next question."

When your friend reminds you that everything you're stressed over wouldn't have stressed you out had you just read the course outline

You never learn.

How you look when you told yourself that you'd start your assignments after you watch "just one more episode"

A true "Why am I like this?" moment.

Submitting essays left and right that you didn't proofread like...

It may be the bare minimum, but it's done. Winning.

When, by the grace of God Himself, your professor decides to push back some due dates

The prime example of a love-hate relationship.

Just remember, students... summer is in sight!

Only five more weeks of this and it's smooth sailing... until August.

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