10 Thoughs Every College Student Has The Nanosecond They Set Foot In Their Hometown Again
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10 Thoughs Every College Student Has The Nanosecond They Set Foot In Their Hometown Again

So... now what?

10 Thoughs Every College Student Has The Nanosecond They Set Foot In Their Hometown Again
Ananya Jain

Finals have been conquered, dorms have been emptied and summer has begun, which means that the majority of college students are headed home for a few months before the next semester starts. College life and home life can feel like polar opposites, especially if you attend university in a different city or state than your hometown. Here are some of the most common thoughts that college students have when they're finally back home:

1. So... now what?

Usually, while you're in school, you barely have enough time in the day to fit in everything you want to do. From studying to attending club meetings to go occasionally going to lecture, the list of things to accomplish in one day seem endless. Once school ends, however, it seems like there is nothing pressing to be done and as a result, you often sit around and wonder what you should be doing with your time.

2. I really missed my bed

This makes it especially difficult to wake up in the morning.

3. Was that always there?

When you've been gone for a few months, there are bound to be changes in your town, whether it be the creation of new buildings, the opening of new restaurants or the establishment of new arbitrary laws and protocols.

4. I really missed you

Catching up with your friends that you grew up with has to be one of the best parts of coming back home for the summer.

5. If it's summer, why isn't it hot outside?

6. Do I really need to ask to go out?

In college, you get accustomed to making your own decisions about everything, including where you want to eat, who you want to hang out with and when you want to go out. Once you're back home, you have to get used to having your parents keeping track of your whereabouts at all times.

7. Not wearing shower shoes is so nice

One of the best parts of being home!

8. What day is it?

All the days of the week blur together after a while.

9. Hire me, please

Finding an internship or a summer job is probably one of the most difficult things a college student has to do once they're back at home and the whole process can seem daunting, especially when no one seems to be hiring.

10. The food is so much better

Dining halls just can't compare.

Happy Summer!

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