I Didn't Go For Summer Jobs In College, And Now I Regret That
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Student Life

I Regret Not Always Having a Summer Job, They Are A Must For Students

Get your foot in the door and network because you never know what opportunities you may create for yourself!

Ashley Leeds
Ashley Leeds

In high school, I never understood the meaning of work ethic. I was a hard worker in performing arts and in my friendships and other relationships. However, my mode of working never translated to my schoolwork or occupation.

I never had a job in high school with the exception of occasional babysitting. As I prepare to enter my graduate education, I feel fortunate that I took on multiple jobs in college and truly realized my academic potential as a student and individual.

While I wish that I worked as soon as I was of age, I am grateful that I eventually achieved my current maximum level of success and am confident that I still have more positive learning and growing. Students of all ages must obtain summer occupations or internships, and by doing so, they will gain both professional and personal development.

Even with the busyness that summer often brings with outings and vacations, students must find time to work to not only expand upon their resume but also stretch their skills for their own benefit. A temporary job between vacations and other family commitments is better than no work experience.

Regardless of whether a job or internship is unpaid, lowly paid, or highly paid, one must take advantage of any opportunity that they earn. Not all individuals are able to land a job, and students should not feel pressured to take a summer gig but rather do so with pleasure.

If one is given a job, this means that an employer sees something special in this person. Even if the job isn't what you being a student wants to do for the rest of your life, at least you are making some income to assist you in at the very least partially financially supporting yourself through school.

Moreover, if you thought that you wanted the summer job that you have after graduating and realize when working at this place that the field isn't for you, thankfully, you have confirmed what position you do not want to take.

Furthermore, if you are studying an area that requires ample fieldwork and internship hours, work during the summer in an effort to better prepare yourself for the next term when you will constantly be in the work environment.

Please take that summer job in order to step outside of your comfort zone and continue to mold into someone who is ready and able to commit to the workforce! Do not make the same mistake that I did, and search for a job as soon as possible. Get your foot in the door and network because you never know what opportunities you may create for yourself!

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