9 Things For College Students To Remember During Spring Semester

All college students should remember these nine things to help pull them through the end of spring semester.

1. Don't be discouraged

The end is near!

But don't forget all the hard work that got you here. Push through and don't give up. Remember when you wished you were here!

2. Self care

You're stressed. Drink water. Keep up with your skincare routine. Relieve that stress at the gym. Do not put yourself and your health on the back burner.

3. Reminders

You have an essay due at 11:59 and a quiz tomorrow in class. Two of the clubs you're in have meetings this week. You promised your friend you'd help them study for that class you took last semester. It's your favorite cousin's birthday and you wanted to get her a gift. It's a lot. It's life.

Use the reminders on your phone, google calendar, or some other electronic device to help you keep track of everything. Even the youthful mind is different under stress.

4. Remember those around you

All of your friends are going through the same exact thing. We are all tired. We are all trying to pull up or maintain averages, planning for summer internships, classes, or jobs. In those moments when you wish someone would reach out to you, reach out to them.

5. Learn to take a break

Grades are very important. Nonetheless, studying for eight straight hours will not help you! Your brain needs rest, just like the rest of you. Learn to take productive breaks to do something productive! As long as that is balanced with getting back on track, your studying productivity is only increased.

6. Study efficiently

Besides study breaks, don't procrastinate. Do not neglect one of your classes for another.

7. Keep track of your accomplishments

Yes, you have 50 other things to do. However, what about the 11 things you have done? Keep track of your accomplishments because they are a step in the right direction. Nothing is wrong with giving yourself a pat on the back, even if you're just digging into the pile.

8. Caffeine is good in moderation

Caffeine, like everything else, is good in moderation. Remember what I said about getting a decent amount of sleep? Do not let caffeine keep you up all night and leave you devoid of a proper night's rest!

9. You are more than just a grade

Yes, you've put a lot of time, hard work, and energy in your grade. Nonetheless, the grade you receive does not reflect your kindness, intelligence, and sometimes your overall work ethic.

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