A College Student's Daily Feelings Throughout Spring Break

February is ending and, before you know it, spring break will be around the corner! We are all doing different things. Some of us are going home and spending 86% of the week on the couch, others of us are traveling around the states to see family and friends, and the rest are traveling around to (preferably) relax somewhere nice! No matter where you are going or what you are doing, all college students feel about the same way throughout the one week of spring break.

Here are the daily emotions throughout the highly-anticipated spring break:

Day 1: Friday

It's the end of classes and you are SO READY to get the spring break started! Some people have already left by now, others are about to, and most stay and celebrate the start of spring break with your college friends. This is the start and you are excited.

Day 2: Saturday

Some are already leaving, others are still partying, and the rest are packing. Those who are going home have usually already left by now. Now you're excited to get your trip (or bumming at home) started. It finally hits you that you don't have any homework and won't have any homework for the rest of the week.

Day 3: Sunday

Are you seriously still packing? By this time you are usually at your designated destination, or you will be there tomorrow. You are checking in, checking out the place, checking out the bars, or checking out your fridge. Dad always loads up on the food before you get home.

Day 4: Monday

You're getting spring break started! Now you are either lounging at a pool, drinking and dancing somewhere fun, or still asleep in bed. There are no classes and you are relaxed as hell. If you are partying, you are probably the most boozed up today... and tomorrow... and maybe the next day.

Day 5: Tuesday

You're still either partying or sleeping. Life is great.

Day 6: Wednesday

If you're not somewhere partying, your butt is probably happily planted on the couch and your parents are cooking everything in the kitchen. Why should you worry about getting up?

Day 7: Thursday

It's starting to dawn on you that you have to return to college soon. It prickles slightly in the back of your head, but it's still Thursday so you aren't worried about it too much.

Day 8: Friday

Uh oh. Your flight or drive is soon. You'll have to head back to college, back to classes, back to work and back to homework...

Day 9: Saturday

You are either relaxed, tan, or both. But you are also sad and back at college. You spend today texting everyone and seeing who is back so you can rave about your trip and drink the sorrows away with someone.

Day 10: Sunday

Professors are already emailing you and you have to start setting your alarm again. The grind begins.

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