Take Advantage Of Your Summer
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Student Life

Take Advantage Of Your Summer

10 ways college kids can get the most out of their summer vacations

Take Advantage Of Your Summer
Giulia Baldini

What time is it? It’s the amazing summer time!

Finally summer has come! Sun shining brighter, longer days, warm weather, fun outdoor activities: what an amiable season.

It’s easy to have fun and enjoy some laziness during this pleasant period of the year. However, an extended amount of idleness is not the best ingredient to a college student’s life. I know it kills the vibe, but those free-fresh-aestival weeks won’t last that long: fall is almost around the corner.

Developing your interests, networking, and working-out are some of the fundamental keys to keep your motivation up during the summer session. They can lead you to a better and inspiring path. If you get the chance to devote yourself to a few of these commitments not only you will shape your character, enrich and sharpen your abilities, but you’ll certainly also never get bored. Don’t overdo anything though. It’s summer, so take time, breathe, enjoy, and try to appreciate every lively moment. Again: fall is coming faster than you might think.

1. Stay in contact in people

Even if you’re the shyest person ever, you’ve certainly met someone during your first year of college. If you’ve made any friends or nice acquaintances keep being in touch with them. Write or text them with no fear: you guys might turn out to strengthen your relationship or know each other better. If you got the possibility, keep a correspondence with your teachers too - usually via e-mail. Sometimes they are the best contacts to reach out when it comes to an academic advice or even a future internship.

2. Attend events related to your studies

Wherever you happen to be, try to find some social events that might occur in your area, such as festivals or exhibitions that could be useful for your studies. Networking never sleeps, not even during summer.

3. Take your hobbies more seriously

Don’t be superficial with your interests. Get to know what’s behind your hobbies: their origins, the most particular facts, their meaning, and why you like them so much.

4. Have fun and relax

Do every little pleasant thing that you know it’s hard or not possible to do in any other season. Watch that tv series that you’ve been putting aside all winter. Read that pile of novels which you don’t even remember when you’d bought them. Spend more time in the garden. Practice that outdoor sport that you barely had time to do so on those rainy cold days. Have fun. Relax and breath.

5. Explore new things

Have you ever wondered what it looks like learning a foreign language? If so, look up some tutorials for free and learn them or sign up for a seasonal course at your local language center. Cooking is a cool ability, but not everyone has a natural knack for that. However, it is never too late to learn some kitchen skills. How about reading a literary genre that you’ve never heard of? And attempting an art and crafts workshop? As you can see there are multiple various options to choose from and make your summer more challenging and less plain.

6. Work out outside

Freshmen 15 or not, your body needs some constant movement. Jogging, tennis, swimming or volleyball are a few of the most popular sports in summer, but be open to physical activities like yoga and meditation outdoors. This a way to recharge your inner batteries, in order to be ready to a new and brighter academic session.

7. Keep a healthy regimen

A good appearance is achieved not only by exercising. You must take care of yourself also by eating healthy and fresh food, drinking a reasonable amount of water, and keep a various and tonic diet. Summer is the best season for fruits and vegetables, so make sure to incorporate them into your daily diet. Hydration is important as well, don’t you ever forget.

8.Enjoy the places you visit

Let’s say your family has planned a trip to a historical site. Unless you’re a History lover or you have got a huge passion for it, that doesn’t sound a really fun vacation. Nevertheless, this might be a turning point for you. You might end up learning a lot of new things, by reading the history of a particular place or monument and getting more familiar with a certain topic. Same thing applies to a more indoor and/or lazy person: taking a trip to an outdoor place, like at a national park or at the seaside. You’ll get to practice new sporty skills, outdoor activities, and explore nature. In other words: appreciate what could be at first a less entertaining activity, and get out of your comfort zone for a bit.

9. Clear the mess

Cleaning the occasional seasonal clutter it’s beneficial for both the space you live in and your mental health. It literally clears your mind and makes you feel better afterwards. You should find some time to open your wardrobe or any old box and start throwing out things you know you won’t be able to use them again. This goes for clothes, books, toys, or any other type of item.

10. “The half full glass”

Look at what you’ve accomplished and learned instead of what you’ve not done or should’ve achieved. Make a brand new bucket list of things that you want to do next fall and winter, and celebrate any little victory you’ve achieved the last year.

You may find other useful tips to your summer vacations productive, but the important thing to keep in mind is to never settle down, but always strive for the best and the most perfect choice.

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