Did you hear all these different stereotypes about how college students are? I know I have. Hearing those stereotypes is probably what makes us think that we have to be that way at college or you aren't a "true college student." There are some things that I personally wanted to fix coming into college, but after hearing everyone talking about it, I never was able to change very much.

If you're an incoming freshman, I recommend you do not listen to everything that people say about college. First of all, they could be completely wrong. Secondly, you are the one who makes your college experience the way you do, nobody should influence that.

One common stereotype is people saying that it is all about partying and drinking every weekend. I was told that you make your friends while out partying and that always made no sense to me. I mean, if you and your friends are always drunk, then are they really your friends? Maybe they only like to drink with you and not hang out any other time.

Yes, you could possibly find true friends when you go to a party, but if all you do is get completely drunk every time you hang out then you may need to rethink that friendship. Try to find people who are in your major and/or your classes and will want to hang out whenever they are free. Being a huge partier could make you procrastinate a lot more.

I'm sure everyone was told never to procrastinate in college because it is a lot more difficult and you will regret doing it. I know I have. I am the kind of person who had always procrastinated so badly. I wouldn't study for exams until the night before and my homework was always done at the last possible second, usually in the morning right before classes.

None of that had changed when I got to college. I mean I did get at least a little better, but occasionally I will do some serious procrastination and instantly regret it the day before it's due. The reason I, and probably everyone else in college, procrastinates is that we are too lazy to get anything done.

Usually, the one thing we all do when we don't feel like doing work is either sleeping or watching Netflix all day. I am the one who watches Netflix all day. I would say I can only watch a few episodes but then those few episodes will turn into a whole season which means I don't get any of my work done and I have to stay up extremely late working on the homework I did not want to do earlier.

Being lazy could also mean you never took the time to apply for jobs so you don't have much money to buy things you need, like food and school supplies. I have always been kind of lazy and never want to go to work, like most people probably. But during my first year, I never attempted to get a job so I was living off of the money I earned over the summer and that went away quickly.

I still never learned to get a job my sophomore year either but now that it is my junior year, I am seriously looking for jobs so that I don't have to ask people for money, especially my parents. The fact that we are usually never told these realities, means we are not actually ready for living on our own right away. It will definitely take some getting used to by getting through your freshman year and then doing things differently the next year.