College Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction?

College Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction?

Have you heard about the common college stereotypes that you never believed before going to college?


Did you hear all these different stereotypes about how college students are? I know I have. Hearing those stereotypes is probably what makes us think that we have to be that way at college or you aren't a "true college student." There are some things that I personally wanted to fix coming into college, but after hearing everyone talking about it, I never was able to change very much.

If you're an incoming freshman, I recommend you do not listen to everything that people say about college. First of all, they could be completely wrong. Secondly, you are the one who makes your college experience the way you do, nobody should influence that.

One common stereotype is people saying that it is all about partying and drinking every weekend. I was told that you make your friends while out partying and that always made no sense to me. I mean, if you and your friends are always drunk, then are they really your friends? Maybe they only like to drink with you and not hang out any other time.

Yes, you could possibly find true friends when you go to a party, but if all you do is get completely drunk every time you hang out then you may need to rethink that friendship. Try to find people who are in your major and/or your classes and will want to hang out whenever they are free. Being a huge partier could make you procrastinate a lot more.

I'm sure everyone was told never to procrastinate in college because it is a lot more difficult and you will regret doing it. I know I have. I am the kind of person who had always procrastinated so badly. I wouldn't study for exams until the night before and my homework was always done at the last possible second, usually in the morning right before classes.

None of that had changed when I got to college. I mean I did get at least a little better, but occasionally I will do some serious procrastination and instantly regret it the day before it's due. The reason I, and probably everyone else in college, procrastinates is that we are too lazy to get anything done.

Usually, the one thing we all do when we don't feel like doing work is either sleeping or watching Netflix all day. I am the one who watches Netflix all day. I would say I can only watch a few episodes but then those few episodes will turn into a whole season which means I don't get any of my work done and I have to stay up extremely late working on the homework I did not want to do earlier.

Being lazy could also mean you never took the time to apply for jobs so you don't have much money to buy things you need, like food and school supplies. I have always been kind of lazy and never want to go to work, like most people probably. But during my first year, I never attempted to get a job so I was living off of the money I earned over the summer and that went away quickly.

I still never learned to get a job my sophomore year either but now that it is my junior year, I am seriously looking for jobs so that I don't have to ask people for money, especially my parents. The fact that we are usually never told these realities, means we are not actually ready for living on our own right away. It will definitely take some getting used to by getting through your freshman year and then doing things differently the next year.

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To The Defeated Nursing Major, You'll Rise

You'll rise because every single day that you slip on your navy blue scrubs and fling your pretty little stethoscope around your neck, the little girl that you once were with the dream of saving lives someday will be silently nudging you to keep going.

You will have weeks when you are defeated. Some mornings you won't be able to get out of bed and some days you won't be able to stop crying enough to go to class. You'll feel like nobody understands the stress that you are under, and you have absolutely nobody to talk to because they either don't get it or are dealing with their own meltdowns. There will be weeks that you want to change your major and give up on the whole thing. But, you'll rise.
You will miss football games, concerts, and nights out with the girls. There will be stretches of two or more weeks you'll go without seeing your mom, and months where you have to cancel on your best friend 4+ times because you have too much studying to do. There will be times where no amount of "I'm sorry" can make it up to your little brother when you miss his big football game or your grandparents when you haven't seen them in months. But, you'll rise.

You will have patients who tell you how little they respect nurses and that you won't be able to please no matter how hard you try. You will have professors who seem like their goal is to break you, especially on your bad days. You will encounter doctors who make you feel like the most insignificant person on the planet. You will leave class some days, put your head against your steering wheel and cry until it seems like there's nothing left to cry out. But, you'll rise.

You will fail tests that you studied so hard for, and you will wing some tests because you worked too late the night before. You will watch some of the smartest people you've ever known fail out because they simply aren't good test-takers. You will watch helplessly as your best friend falls apart because of a bad test grade and know that there is absolutely nothing you can do for her. There will be weeks that you just can't crack a smile no matter how hard you try. But, you'll rise.

You'll rise because you have to — because you've spent entirely too much money and effort to give up that easily. You'll rise because you don't want to let your family down. You'll rise because you're too far in to stop now. You'll rise because the only other option is failing, and we all know that nurses do not give up.

You'll rise because you remember how badly you wanted this, just three years ago as you were graduating high school, with your whole world ahead of you. You'll rise because you know there are people that would do anything to be in your position.

You'll rise because you'll have one patient during your darkest week that'll change everything — that'll hug you and remind you exactly why you're doing this, why this is the only thing you can picture yourself doing for the rest of your life.

You'll rise because every single day that you slip on your navy blue scrubs and fling your pretty little stethoscope around your neck, the little girl that you once were with the dream of saving lives someday will be silently nudging you to keep going.

You'll rise because you have compassion, you are selfless, and you are strong. You'll rise because even during the darkest weeks, you have the constant reminder that you will be changing the world someday.

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To The College Girl Who Doesn't Know Where She Fits In

I'm right there with you, but we will find our place. I promise.


Finding my place in this great big world hasn't been easy in the slightest. In fact, I am still growing and trying to see where exactly I belong. Coming to college seemed like it would be the perfect time to discover where I fit in, but it's still extremely difficult to find my place. With everything being on my time now, it's hard to find the groups, organizations, or friends that I mesh with the most. While I have friends, both old and new, part of me still doesn't see the bigger picture. Where do I truly fit in?

To you, the person reading this who may feel the exact same way, this is normal.

Not knowing exactly which direction your life is going toward, on top of feeling like you don't quite fit in anywhere yet, sucks to no end. I never really understood why people expressed feeling so lonely in college, but the truth is that it does happen. More time on your hands leads to more time alone with your thoughts, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Sometimes you really just want to be home because at least you fit in there. Sometimes you just want to be alone in your room because it feels better that way. Sometimes you feel so alone surrounded by so many loving people who care about you. And that's okay. You're allowed to feel, but don't let those feelings dictate everything you do. Don't fall victim to your thoughts, don't let the loneliness swallow you whole. Because you're not alone.

You don't have to find your place right away. Give it time and I swear it will happen.

I'm a firm believer that everything falls into place just as it should. Not knowing how things are going to work out is scary at times, but it always happens for the best. Go looking for things that interest you, do what makes you incredibly happy, and live without regret. People who see the light in your heart will radiate toward you. We will find our place, and we will look back and wonder why we ever spent so much time worrying about where we fit in. Open your mind to new opportunities and allow yourself to let others in. You have so much talent and worth to offer the world, and it's only a matter of time before you find that one group that recognizes what you have to give.

Express yourself to someone, anyone. I promise there is at least one person willing to listen.

Let people in. Talking out your emotions and thoughts truly does wonders and will help you feel a million times better. It could be a stranger, friend, relative, anyone you think will listen. Let them know that you don't feel as though you have a place in your new surroundings yet. Confessing your worries doesn't make you weak, it shows your strength. Becoming part of something new is scary yet exciting, so it's okay to be slightly worried about the unknown. Trial and error is a good test for most things, so allow yourself a chance to test the waters.

I know not feeling part of anything is brutal on your mental state right now, but I promise there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to open your heart to new experiences.


The girl who's in the exact same boat.

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