9 Things A College Student Absolutely Can't Live Without
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9 Things A College Student Absolutely Can't Live Without

I'd cry if my laptop crashed.

9 Things A College Student Absolutely Can't Live Without

So I may be on spring break this week, but I’m already stressed about the weeks to come as the semester comes to a close. For some twisted reason, professors all seem to think it’s a great idea to assign all their big papers and exams at the same time. It doesn’t help that most big campus events all seem to fall during these last few weeks of classes. Honestly, I’ve already started putting money aside for late-night coffee runs and McDonalds stops. As a college student, I’ve realized that I live on a whole different clock and diet than the rest of the world. Due to having a jam-packed schedule, my list of necessities and must-haves is completely different than my parents’ or even my own lit in high school. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the starter packs, the famous Twitter trend. With that being said, here is my own personal college starter pack, which most college students can probably relate with on a whole new level.

1. Dunkin donuts

For all the nights I’m up studying until 3am (there are more of those than you’d think), a coconut cream pie latte is the way I get through the night. It may sound kind of strange, but it is actually one of the best drinks they have to offer there, and the extra caffeine kick definitely doesn't hurt.

2. And Starbucks

In the morning, because I literally run on coffee. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it. Dunkin is great for keeping me up late at night, but there's something about getting a java chip frappuchino that's absoltuely unbeatable, despite the not-so-great prices.

3. 10-piece McNuggets

Chicken nuggets have earned a special place in my heart over these past few years of college as the perfect midnight snack, and there’s literally always someone on my floor who wants to go on what we call a “nug run.” For those of you who don't frequent McDonalds often, it will be the best $6 you'll ever spend.

4. McDonalds Sweet Tea

It only costs $1, and you get it in a large cup. What more do I have to say?

5. My favorite crew-neck sweatshirt

Did I wear this to bed? Did I wear this yesterday? The world may never know. All that matters is that I’m comfy in class after an all-nighter spent writing a paper. On days I sleep in past my 7 million alarms, a crew-neck and leggings are my favorite go-to's. It saves the time of picking out an outfit, and it keeps me comfy.

6. The alarms on my phone

As someone who finds getting out of bed to be their biggest struggle of the day, I need more than just one alarm. Some mornings, I may drive my roommate crazy, but at least I somehow make it to class on time.

7. My college hat

The perfect way to disguise undone hair.

8. My planner

Being that I run on very little sleep, I often forget about important obligations unless if I write them down. My planner literally has my life in it. I always thought trackers were stupid in high school, but on an effort to be more organized and on task, I swear by mine now. If someone asks me what I'm doing on a certain day, I literally cannot answer their question without looking at my planner first.

9. And finally, my laptop

On a serious note, my entire life is on here. I had a friend who actually cried when her laptop crashed. It’s truly a serious matter.

These are the things I definitely would not have made it through the past year and a half of college without. What’s in your college starter pack?

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