Although you are all in the midst of 'grad party season' I'm sure you have started to think about dorm shopping. I remember how excited I was to start shopping for my freshman dorm and to coordinate with my future roommates. Everyone always picks out their bedding and their decor first, but sometimes forget some important things that are definitely must-haves. When I was entering college I looked at college packing lists online to get an idea of what I would need. However, those lists were not school specific and didn't cover everything. I've put together a list of items that I think are important to have as a freshman at Villanova. Welcome to Nova Nation; we're excited to have you on campus!

1. Waterproof Speaker

A speaker is a dorm room staple, as well as an easy way to make friends on your floor freshman year. If possible, I would suggest purchasing a waterproof speaker so you can always provide your floor with some good bathroom jams.

2. Floor lamp

The South Campus dorms at Villanova tend to be a little bit dark, so a floor lamp is a must have!

3. Umbrella and Rain Boots

I know of many people who forgot or regretted their choice not to pack an umbrella and rain boots when they moved to Villanova. It is always good to be prepared to walk to class on rainy days!

4. Hot Water Kettle

I found this item to be the most used thing I brought to college. Use the hot water kettle to make oat meal, tea, ramen, or any other instant food.

5. To-Go Cups

This commonly forgot item will be a lifesaver! In addition to mugs and thermos' bring some coffee to-go cups with you to school. You never know when you need to travel to class with a drink or a snack on the go. Disposable to-go cups are so easy to use and enable you to make some last minute coffee before class!

6. Keurig

Although this is not normally considered a necessity, if you're a coffee drinker like myself you should definitely pack a coffee maker and plenty of K-cups!

7. Chair Cushion 

I would highly recommend buying a seat cushion for your desk chair. The chairs are often uncomfortable to sit in for a long time, and a cheap cushion made a huge difference on bigs study nights!

8. Shoe Rack

I know many people debate over how to most efficiently store shoes in college, and my personal advice on this would be to purchase a shoe rack. Through my experience, I found it to be most organized to keep a shoe rack at the bottom of my closet next to my hamper.

9. Villanova Decor

Whether it be a sticker, poster, or flag all Villanova students should have some sort of paraphernalia in their dorm room. Go cats!

10. Small Whiteboard 

I think it's a great idea to bring a small whiteboard to hang outside of your dorm. It's a great way to introduce yourself, make friends, and is an easy conversation starter!

11. Doorstoppers

I would definitely invest in a doorstopper. Typically people on your floor will keep their doors open the first week or so of school to get to know everyone, so if you want to be on top of your social game bring one of these!

12. Safety Pins

The amount of times someone asked me if I had a safety pin or I wished I had one myself was absurd. Pack some safety pins and people will be sure to love you.

13. Dish Wand

I would strongly recommend purchasing a dish wand to clean out your mugs and water bottles. Easy to use, cheap, and keeps everything nice and clean!

14. Single Subject Notebooks 

Before I came to college, I wondered how I should take notes whether it be in a binder, notebook, or on a laptop. Through my experience at Villanova, I would say that most people take notes in a 1 subject notebook. My freshman year I used a single subject notebook for every class and was fine. However, its a personal decision and every class is different!

15. A Little Touch of Home

Regardless of how far from home you are traveling to attend Villanova, it will still be many of your first experiences living away from home. It is important to bring something such as a photo album or keepsake that will remind you of your home and those you love.