23 Thoughts College Seniors Experience With Early Onset Senioritis

23 Thoughts College Seniors Experience With Early Onset Senioritis

Endorse me on LinkedIn so I know it's real.

Going into my last year of college, I'm basically stuck in the middle of thinking, "I'm over this crap, get me out," and "I dunno if I can handle the real world."

I think most of us seniors can relate (no matter if this is your fifth year in college or what) because let's be real, it's almost impossible to graduate in four years. I worked my ass off to get to my last year, and I could not be more stoked for what's about to come.

Let's enjoy it while it lasts...or not. Here are 23 thoughts you have if you are a college senior with early onset Senioritis:

1. “Why are all my freaking classes in the same classroom?

Guess I'll just camp out in this room. Part of me is thankful for not having to walk so far but part of me also makes up excuses to leave just so I can have a change of scenery.

2. “Oh hey- there’s that guy I had a class with once. Should I say hi? Does he even remember me? Nope, he’s walking away, nevermind.”

Damn it, what was his name?

3. “I literally see the same people every day.”

When you get into your major classes, be prepared to see the same faces way more often. It's great because you're never really in a class where you don't know a single soul, but you just pray that you don't have to work with that one person again for your group project.

4. “Maybe I should start dressing like I actually care.”

Ha, good one! I will only look good on presentation days.

5. “The truth is, I do care. About graduating. And I will say yes to just about anything that makes that process easier.”

I will take all the help that I can get.

6. “No, I do not want to join your club. I am out of this b-”

Chances are you're already involved on campus. Yes, I've done my deed, go find the freshmen.

7. “What’s an 8 AM? I don’t know her.”

Who is she?

8. “Why did I put this science class off until the last minute?”

The actual class is easy but sitting through an hour long lecture with a bunch of immature freshmen is not.

9. “Do people actually still buy all of their textbooks?”

At this point, you've probably shared books with your friends or rented most of them. Hello, Amazon Prime.

10. “Endorse me on LinkedIn so I know it’s real.”

"Get a LinkedIn," they said. "It'll be great for your career," they said.

11. “Paying to print is stupid but so is also waiting until the morning your assignment is due.”

You'd think we knew not to wait until the last-minute to do things by now.

12. “I actually don’t mind this class...something must be wrong, maybe I should just drop it?”

Okay, not all of your classes will suck. Especially when you're taking major electives and are actually interested in the topic. Don't question it.

13. “Whoever said I’d grow out of this ‘let-me-just-buy-chick-fil-a-for-breakfast-everyday’ habit was so wrong.”

RIP to my wallet.

14. “Will you take this class with me so we can suffer together for one more semester?”

That's what friends are for, right?

15. “If I have to comment, ‘Yes, I agree with you, Danny,’ on one more discussion post, I might lose it.”

Nothing like a good 'ole discussion post.

16. “How did I get stuck in a group of people who don’t even know the difference between ‘there’ ‘they’re’ and ‘their’ by senior year of college?”

I don't mind proof-reading the paper but oh my god, seriously?

17. “I can definitely keep a straight face while online shopping in class.”

Just don't walk behind my laptop.

18. “I should probably stop online shopping in class.”

I just learned that our attention spans are shorter than goldfishes' apparently.

19. “What if I just dropped out right now?”

Don't do it!

20. “Unpaid internships should be illegal.”

Yes, I know I get class credit but how do you expect me to work at my regular job, take 15+ credit hours and drive an hour to intern for your company just so I can get "experience?" Is it really worth it?

21. “I might not be in love with my major, but I’m broke so... accounting it is.”

I'm only kidding, if accounting is your thing, by all means, go for it! Definitely not my thing, I'd rather be broke.

22. “My resume looks like it’s about to explode off the page so I should be good, right?”

Maybe I should have someone look over it again for the hundredth time.

23. “Will anyone even want to hire me after graduation?”

Please hire me, I swear I'm a hard worker.

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10 Reasons Your Big Sister Is The Best Person In Your Life

"There is no better friend than a sister, and there is no better sister than you."

As much as I hate to admit it, my big sister might be sort-of, slightly, cooler than I am.

Sometimes. She's the one I call when I can't call mom and the only one in the family who can properly handle my attitude. Big sisters are the people you'd choose if they weren't already family, and here's why.

1. She is your first and truest friend.

Big sisters are (literally) there from day one. They see every dirty diaper, every bad haircut, and every melodramatic breakup. They deal with every bad day and drama queen attitude and still love you in the most unconditional way.

2. Her closet is your closet.

For some reason, her clothes always look better on you. Funny how that works, huh? With a big sister comes a big closet, and who doesn't love having a double wardrobe? I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologize for the clothes I will never give back (but I'm not really that sorry).

3. She knows what it's like to deal with your parents.

Anything you could possibly be going through, they went through it first. It's kind of like having an instruction manual or a key to the future. Either way, it's always nice to have someone who will always understand the struggle.

4. There are no boundaries.

Wanna dance around in your underwear all day? Cool. Life talks while she's on the toilet? Also cool. There's no awkward moments or changing in the bathroom with the door locked. There's just the kind of freedom that only comes with siblings.

5. Thanks to her, you know about all of the cool movies/music/fashion trends from years back.

Thanks to my sister, I have every Too $hort and Ludacris song you could ever think of downloaded on my phone. I've seen every cheesy '90s movie, and when a fad from 10 years ago comes back in, I already have the hookup.

6. She tells you like it is.

We all have those friends who tend to sugarcoat everything. Yeah, sisters don't do that. She's the first person to tell me when I'm making a terrible decision and that I really shouldn't triple text that boy again. She keeps it real with me and deals with my attitude, and that's why she's the best.

7. Her home is always open.

Sometimes you just need to get away from life and binge watch Netflix, and sometimes you need all of that plus your sister. She always has her door open when you're two seconds away from losing your mind, and she also has good takeout and a dog.

8. She knows what you're capable of.

My sister knows exactly who I am and what I can do. She knows when I'm not doing my best, and when I need to be set straight. She's always there to remind me who I am and what I'm capable of accomplishing. She's always been my biggest fan.

9. She's a lot cheaper than therapy.

For some reason, my sister always knows just what to say. Even if I don't see it at the time, she's usually right (don't tell her I said that). Big sisters are like wizards, somehow they always magically make you feel like life's gonna turn out alright in the end. If she wasn't already awesome at everything else, I'd suggest she be a therapist.

10. She will always be your go-to gal.

No matter the situation, she will always be by your side. There is nothing you could say or do to make a big sister leave, and that's why they're the best. Whether it's a speeding ticket, a mean girl or you just need to laugh, big sisters are always going to be there to lift your spirits and set you straight.

I couldn't make it without ya sis, I'm sorry for ratting you out on Thanksgiving that one time, and for running away at the zoo. Thanks for taking me to see Aaron Carter even though he's way too old to still be singing "I want Candy," and thank you always for being the best role model, sister and friend I could ask for.

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My First College Gal Pal Road Trip Was Amazing

Every girl should have one good girls trip.


In some way or another, everybody has a list of things they want to do in their lives before it's all over. After all, we're human. There's adventure to be had in every life. One thing I have always wanted to do before I grew too old and grey was go on a road trip with my gal pals to the beach. A couple weeks ago, I achieved this memorable milestone, and it allowed me to open up to new surroundings and experiences.

On this trip, I went with two of my friends from college, Kait and Lindsey, to visit my roommate Elizabeth in Virginia Beach. This was pretty big for Lindsey and I because neither of us had been to Virginia Beach before. Thankfully Elizabeth and Kait knew their way around the city, so we never got lost on our way to and fro.

Like most vacations, my favorite parts probably took place at the beach. I'm always at utter peace stomping through mushy sand or leaning down to splash the salty water that tries to knock my short self over. We took pictures and did something us college girls rarely have time to do especially in school: Relax.

The four of us did not live up to the crazed stereotype of girl trips in movies. Although I finally got a chance to sing along to Taylor Swift in a car ride with my friends, so that's always a plus. We played "Top Golf" one day, and by some miracle, I actually won the second game by a fair amount after much humiliation in the first one. We visited some of Elizabeth's family, and I finally got to meet her giant dog Apollo (I call him 'Wolf Dog'). Everyday was another chance to ask with enthusiasm: "So what are we doing today?"

Our trip wasn't like the movies where we all cried or confessed our deepest darkest secrets. Everything the four of us shared was laughter and this calm feeling of being at home, in the chaotic peace of each other's company. We understand each other a little better due to finally seeing what we're like outside of Longwood University. After this, all I can say is that we're most definitely planning the next one!

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