As a freshman in college, I've finally reached the point in the semester where I feel like I have a pretty good grip on everything. I don't get lost anymore, I'm not afraid to ask questions and I feel pretty comfortable in all my classes.

But, there are still some things that my professors say that honestly scare me half to death.

So, here's 15 of the scariest things I've heard my professors say.

1. "For every hour you spend in class, you should spend at least 3 hours studying"

Really though?

2. "You should already be studying for midterms"

I'm sorry what?

3. "I think we can move the test up to this week"

I mean honestly, do all professors think that this is even mildly okay?

4. "Participation is worth 20 percent"

Let's be real — it's 8 am, I still can't figure out how I made it to class with my slippers on and you want me to participate in class?

5. "We will be having a make-up class this Saturday"

Saturday make-up classes were forged in Hell, next to allergies and hangovers.

6. "Remember to submit your essay at midnight"

The moment when you realize you have an essay due at midnight and you haven't even started it.

7. "There will be no extra credit"

Disgusting. Horrifying. Traumatic. Why does this exist??

8. "Attendance isn't Mandatory"

It may seem like a blessing when your professor says this, but trust me, this is where it gets dangerous.

9. "There will be no curve"

Again, this is one of the most horrifying things I've ever heard my professor say. It literally gave me chills.

10. "You can't have any personal electronics out during class"

I thought the whole point of college was being less strict about phones?