20 of the Worst Pick Up Lines from 20 College Students
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20 Of The Worst Pick Up Lines That Will Make You Cringe According To 20 College Students

Pick up lines are only a good idea if you're an actor in a paranormal tv show, and even then...not really.

20 Of The Worst Pick Up Lines That Will Make You Cringe According To 20 College Students

Pick up lines: lets talk about them. They're pretty generally regarded as cheesy, cringe-worthy, or an instant turn-off. Still, though, there are certain people out there that think they're an acceptable approach. It's 2019, people. Pick up lines should officially be left in the past.

In the spirit of letting them go, here are 20 of the worst pick up lines college girls have ever heard.

1. "You turn my software into hardware."


Starting off with a good one, folks.

2. "We go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows...you're hot and I want to be on top of you."


Not hot chocolate...it's too sacred...

3. "Are you a trap card? Because I'm falling for you."


As much as I hate to admit it...this is pretty clever. But also: let me enjoy my game, dammit!

4. "I wish I was cross eyed, so I could see you twice."


*queue the eye roll*

5. "Are you going downtown tonight?"


This is, by far, the most commonly heard pickup line on East Carolina University's campus.

6. "Do you eat or drink? Because I think we should do one of those things sometime."


No thanks...I'll just starve.

7. "If nothing lasts forever...will you be my nothing?"


8. "Are you strategically arranged carbon atoms? Because you shine like a diamond."


For all you science majors out there.

9. "You've got an ass-signment I'd like to finish."


This one isn't even worth saying.

10. "You had me at cello."


I love a pun...but pick up line puns are a no-go.

11. "Is your name Summer? Because you're too hot."


Followed up by "you're going to have to make me strip down."

12. "You want to come muddin'? I'd love to get down and dirty with you."


I'd love to take a shower, actually...just not with you.

13. "Are you a Gryffindor, or do you mind if I Slyther-in?"


"I'm a Hufflepuff, actually."

14. "Are you a haunted house? Because I'm going to scream when I enter you."


THE HORROR OF THIS STATEMENT. I have never hated anything more in my entire life.

15. "They say Disney World is the happiest place on Earth, but they've clearly never been next to you."


16. "Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?"


Nope...my name's Anna. Nice to meet you.

17. "If I told you I work at Home Depot, would you let me handle your tool?"


*Takes off tool belt and throws it across the room*

18. "Do you have an ugly boyfriend? No? Do you want one?"


As far as pick up lines go...this one isn't the worst.

19. "What's your favorite color? Mine's the color of your eyes."


Ah, how original.

20. "Want to register your number in my PokeNav?"


And, lastly... is it bad that I kind of like this one?

Like I said earlier, pick up lines are so last year. Even though admittedly, some of these are funny, trust me when I say it's a type of funny you don't want to be at the other end of. So, ladies and gents, let's stop with the pickup lines.

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