College Pets: Goldfish

So, you decided to get a goldfish.


You have embarked on the wonderful and delightful journey that is pet parenthood. College style. Unfortunately, most colleges don't let anyone get just any pet, so you have to get a fish if you want anything at all.

This is where Walmart and Petsmart comes in.

How to pick out your new Ray of Sunshine (aka goldfish)

Step 1. Decide randomly to get a fish.

Step 2. Randomly go to either Walmart or Petsmart and look at their fish.

Step 3. Decide on your budget.

Step 4. Stare at all the fish till one seems kinda cute.

Step 5. Pick it out.

Step 6. Gather supplies.

Step 7. Bring your new buddy home.


So, if you decided beforehand to get a fish, you should decide on your budget because fish can get expensive fast. Then you should decide what kind of fish you want. A goldfish might end up needing more room than you were expecting as they can grow to be at least a foot long if given the room. But a beta fish might need a bigger tank than what you were expecting.

So once you've gone to the store and picked out your new buddy, either a bubble-eyed or fantail, you should bring him home.

What to do right away

Get your tank or bowl ready by cleaning it and filling it with distilled or purified water. If not that, you can use tap water and put in drops of cleanser that will get rid of the chemicals that will KILL your fish if you put it in any old tap water right away.

Make sure your tank water is room temperature before putting your fish in it OR IT WILL DIE. And put a little bit of the tank water in the bag your fish is in to help it adjust. DO NOT put your buddy in the new water right away. IT WILL DIE.

So once you've waited, it's time to move!

Do more research

Apparently fish are apparently easy to kill and they need more room than you expect. They are also adorable and fairly easy to clean and take care of. But like any other animal, they require care and patience. Make sure to keep your fish's tank clean and that it's big enough for him to grow and swim around in. Your buddy will be happy. They also can eat a surprising range of food including veggies and some fruits. But do your research first and you'll be fine.

Enjoy your new buddy.

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