There are so much stress and anxiety that arises from college, and we are all constantly complaining about the school work and classes, but we tend to forget about some of the positive aspects attending college has given to us.

Cheap Drinks

RIP to your bank account after you graduate because when you move away from your college town you will most likely realize that the double whiskey coke you ordered isn't two dollars anymore. You ask the bar what's up with that, and they tell you that they don't celebrate $2 Tuesday here. You gasp, but continue to pay $10 for that drink, and just wish you were sitting in your favorite college town bar again.

Free Gym Membership

We have taken this for granted the most. Even though I might have used this facility once, took a gym selfie in the mirror, then left, I will miss it. We now have to pay a bunch of money to a gym that we MIGHT see once a month.

Student Discounts

My precious Spotify and Hulu account combo that I only pay $4.99 a month for will be ripped from my hands once I graduate and I'm not sure that I'm ready for that just yet. There are so many restaurants and clothing stores that accept valid student ID's and give students a discount, even if it's not a huge discount, you will be dearly missed.

Creating Your Own Schedule

You don't want to go to an 8 a.m. class? Dope, just look for another class option and make it a noon class instead. You don't want to go to work at 8 a.m.? Too freaking bad, get your a** out of bed and get to your job because you have student debt to pay off.


I know that you can still attend tailgates after you graduate, but it will truly not be the same as when you're a student. You can literally go insane because you can use the "I'm in college and I go here" excuse. Once you've graduated, you are now an alumnus that works at a law firm, and it's frowned upon to shotgun a beer at 7 am.

Reppin' Your School

Since you graduated, you will always have those college sweatshirts and bar t-shirts, but when aren't able to paint your face and yell obnoxiously in the student section, you won't be able to feel the same overwhelming experience.

I'm going to try my absolute best to take advantage of all the time I have left of my college time and to attend every game, use my student ID, drink the cheap drinks, and capture every memory until May. I will also cry a lot too.