Ultimate College Packing List

As the Fall 2017 semester is quickly approaching, fellow college students are making their shopping lists and checking it twice to make sure they have everything they need for a successful move in. If you're anything like me, lists are your life. I write down everything I need and reread it 100 times while at the store, but I also know that I'm extremely forgetful and if I don't write it down, I'll never purchase it. If you're a college freshman this fall, do not fear when it comes to packing and shopping. You might think your mom is going crazy buying 5 packs of toilet paper and 100 clothes hangers but let me tell you kids, she's absolutely right.

If you're new to college/dorm life or just as forgetful as I am, here is an all-inclusive list of what you might want to consider bringing with you:

1. Extra bed sheets

Bed sheets get dirty FAST. It's always a good idea to have an extra set or two on hand for spills and stains.

2. Toilet paper

If you live in a traditional hall, toilet paper will probably always be available in your bathroom. But if you live in an apartment/suite, you should make sure you always have some on hand. Dining hall food can really wreck your stomach at first.

3. Paper towels

Messy people unite!

4. Clorox wipes & other cleaning supplies

Things get dirty and dusty. Make sure to designate at least 1 cleaning day a week.

5. Clothes drying rack

Did you know drying things like bras and leggings in a dryer make them wear out faster? Have a drying rack in order to keep your clothes safe

6. Vacuum cleaner

You are in charge of your room here, make sure it's clean for room checks.

7. Laptop & chargers

Duh, I know. But chargers are easy to forget or break.

8. Lots of towels

You aren't going to want to spend money on laundry everyday. I had enough towels for 2 weeks and it seemed to work out well enough.

9. Lots of underwear

Like I said, you don't want to be doing laundry every few days.

10. Socks

Res hall floors are gross sometimes. Always have some socks or shoes on when roaming the halls.

11. Shower caddy

It's easier to remember your bathroom necessities when they're all conveniently placed in one spot.

12. Soap/body wash

Again, duh, but things like this go unnoticed until you're sweaty and gross and in the shower with nothing to clean yourself with.

13. Keruig or coffee pot

Late nights sound like a good idea until you're walking to class like a zombie. Invest in a coffee pot (most halls prefer Keruig's or one cup makers without a hot plate).

14. Fridge

A mini fridge will save you on rainy nights when you have no motivation to go get dinner.

15. Microwave

Ramen, mac & cheese, breakfast plates, yum!

16. DIsh soap

No one is there to do your dishes anymore except you. Invest in some dish soap.

17. Laundry detergent/fabric softener

Super important! Keep your clothes smelling fresh.

18. Lots of quarters for laundry

Sometimes your ID will pay for laundry, but every college/university is different. Make sure you have your quarters for the laundry room/laundromat.

19. Paper plates

Easier than doing dishes every night, and their microwave safe.

20. Microwave safe bowls

You'll thank me later

21. Lotion

Dry skin is painful, bring lotion.

22. Deodorant

Nobody likes to smell your BO. 2 packs are a good idea.

23. Hair brush

You probably won't use it much, but it's nice to have.

24. Tylenol & other pain meds

Headaches are real. So are allergies. Be prepared!

25. Insurance card(s)

Anything can happen. Make sure you are ready for good days and bad.

26. ID (driver's license AND school ID)

IDs are super important, and are kind of a lifeline at LHU. Don't lose it!

27. Backpack

Clearly, you need a backpack.

28. An extra notebook

Space fills up fast.

29. Folders


It's great to be the hero when the kid next to you asks "Hey, do you have a pencil?" until you give out all your pencils and are stuck trying to remember everything your prof said.

31. Phone charger

It's good to keep an extra one on hand as well.

32. Desk lamp & lightbulbs

Your overhead room light will probably be terrible, so bring a small lamp with you.

33. Laundry hamper

34. Photos of family and friends

There's a good chance you'll get homesick.

35. Shower shoes

As previously mentioned, floors can get kind of gross.

36. Hoodies

Don't think it won't be cold in September. It will be

37. At least one dressy outfit

You never know what each day will bring, so make sure you have one outfit for meetings or presentations.

38. Comfortable shoes

Especially if you go to a big campus.

39. Sweatpants

Just trust me.

40. Lots of hair ties and bobby pins

This goes for any kind of trip you take or move, hair ties snap and bobby pins grow legs and run away, and trust me, you'll be rocking lots of messy buns.

41. Dry shampoo

Who even washes their hair anymore???

42. Clothes hangers

Drawer space is very limited

43. TV

How else will you keep up on all your fave shows and Netflix???

44. HDMI cord

45. Cable cord

46. Ethernet cable

School wifi isn't the most reliable

47. Command hooks

Use with caution

48. First aid kit

49. Mattress pad & mattress foam

Beds are rough

50. Umbrella

51. Rain-friendly shoes

52. Feminine products

53. Tissues

54. Razors/shaving supplies

55. Tooth paste and tooth brush

Do this not for yourself, but for everyone else around you

56. Water

57. Non-perishable snacks

58. Iron

I've never used one while at school, but you never know if you'll need it.

59. Money

60. Digestive agents

Dining hall food can be rough on your stomach at first, and so can the other crappy food choices you will probably make

61. Storage bins/totes

62. Your makeup

You probably won't use it much, but it's good to have

63. Skin care

64. Scissors

65. Printer/ink

Dorm printers are extremely unreliable

66. Air freshener

67. Curtains

***Some things will be prohibited by your residence hall. It's always a good idea to check out the student handbook or ask your RA for a list of items you cannot have in your room, like candles or hot plates

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