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College 101

The class they should really offer.

College 101
Cassandra Huggins

Everyone pictures coming to college as the best time of their life, which it is, if you’re willing to change and adapt. Before I realized that life is about loving the transitions and adaptations, I had a hard time. College was the first major challenge I have had in my life. Here are some things that I wish I would have known:

1. Study

Studying, for me, in high school was always easy. I would look over some notes, or maybe not, and still made pretty great grades. I treated homework like busy work and still got by with great grades. My study habits and learning techniques were nonexistent. I wish someone had told me that you should do the homework and learn from it. If you don’t understand, go ask for help. Ask questions in class if you don’t get it. You aren’t the only one! Yes, your peers will judge you. That is the name of the game, but you’re paying for this education. Going to a great school there will always be someone smarter than you, do not let that discourage you. There will be the people who understand it when you do not or make better grades. Don’t compare your grades to them. If you study and apply yourself to the work load you are more than capable.

2. Resources, resources, resources

Use your resources! College has so many resources that you probably don’t even know them all. You pay for all of them, might as well use them. The rec center is a great resource that you have. You are probably paying a pretty large fee for it too. Working out is a great way to stay healthy; physically and mentally. Another great resource that you have is your academic resources. Teaching assistants, professor offices hours, help desks, not to mention your class mates! You're here for academics; you will understand it if you use your resources! Your school probably has a career center as well. The end game for college is to get a job, right? The career center at my school has resume workshops, mock interviews, career fairs, etc. This is an awesome way to get yourself in the mindset of being professional and starting a career path.

3. Fun

Let’s be honest. You will always have study guilt. You wish you could spend 24 hours a day studying, but reality say different. This is the only time in your life that you will have responsibilities, but not really. You don’t have to worry about being professional, dressing or communicating. You can schedule your classes around your ridiculous sleep schedule. You deserve to have fun because you have your whole life to work. Nothing crazy, but yes go out with your friends to bowl on a weeknight. Go order a pizza at 2am and eat it with your roommates.

Between studying, using your resources, and having fun you should enjoy your college years. Don’t worry too much, you have the rest of your life for that.

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