9 Things They Don't Tell You In College, So Be Prepared

9 Things They Don't Tell You In College, So Be Prepared

You may be skipping meals because you are busy or you're just a broke college kid.


We are approaching the upcoming semester, don't panic. It is a scary time, especially if you are moving far away from home for the first time. College is uncharted territory for all of us entering it for the first time. You have lots of questions and trying to take in as much advice as you can until your parents are dropping you off at your dorm room. Here are some tips that may reduce some stress and uncertainty.

1. The whole textbook situation sucks


Maybe you are one of the lucky colleges that has a textbook rental system. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, it is a pain in the behind. To ease a headache, I go to bigwords.com. This website compares reliable textbook sites for the lowest prices. From rentals to used to new books. Be sure to check the fine print of the website you end up using, especially if it is a rental. Also, ALWAYS rent a textbook if you can. Unless it's for your major down the line, you most likely will never use it again. So save yourself some money and go with the rental.

2. Don't use the school bookstore unless you absolutely have to


The bookstore is sooo expensive so if you don't do your research, you will be wasting your money and missing out on some great deals. Sometimes you can't avoid the bookstore and their evil prices, but you can try.

3. Write down important dates in your planner


I set aside a day to literally sit down with my planner in front of me with my colored pens and write down all the dates that I need to know during the semester. You may have already heard this before, but YOUR PLANNER WILL BECOME YOUR BEST FRIEND!! I cannot stress that enough. Even if you are one of those people who's got it all *up here*, humor a girl and get yourself a cheap planner so you can try to write down things. Because there is always a time to forget.

4. Get used to talking...a lot


Wait, what?? I am a major that requires me to stick to my own business, what do you mean I am going to be talking a lot?! Yes, you read right. Most colleges require you to take a public speaking class (and besides, it's good for you and an essential skill). Also, if you apply to jobs, you will be interviewed and require some sort of speaking skills. On top of that, if you have any sort of leadership position in life, you will have to have good communication skills. From small talk to talking to the dream business you hope to work for in the future, be prepared.

5. Networking. Know the term


Networking is a new term you will learn in college. At least it was new to me. Networking is basically socializing professionally. You can be networking with other peer professionals or big CEO's for the company you dream of working for. These will ultimately lead you to connections and where you want to go. You will learn to elevator pitch, speak clearly and consistently, and have a firm handshake.

6. Cold weather sucks more in college


You don't have the luxury of driving right up to your classroom like you did in high school. You have to at least park and then walk. At Illinois State, 50-80% of our weather is cold. If you go to a school where it is going to be cold, wear jeans. Leggings won't cut it, ladies. Layer, layer, layer. Bring coats and hats and gloves and all that will keep you warm.

7. Invest in a really good umbrella and rain boots


I have a bubble umbrella and that is the most useful thing for me in college. When it is windy and rainy, flimsy umbrellas will turn out and will break. Bubble umbrellas fall all around you and you won't get nearly as wet with a collapsible umbrella. Rain boots you can find at Walmart or Target for cheap. You'll thank your feet later. Because nothing is worse than wet feet all day in class.

8. Always have some sort of food on you


You are in college. You walk everywhere. You may be skipping meals because you don't have the time or you're a broke college kid. Either way, pack a granola bar or something small in your backpack, purse, car to prevent yourself from getting hangry or have a growling stomach in the middle of class (because we all know how embarrassing that can be.

9. You may miss your dog more or your parents, but you will be homesick at some point


College is not easy. As anyone who has ever gone through it. It is a long, stressful time where you are independent and on your own for the first time. Your support system or your fluffy therapist aren't going to be there all the time. You will miss them. You may be completely separate from them on every issue but they are still people you had to talk to. They did your laundry and gave you love. When you are stressed and on your own, you will miss them.

Don't be discouraged. College is so much fun once you get the hang of it. You will go through the firsts. Your first party, the first day of class, first football game, first finals week, first homecoming week. Embrace it! Before you know it, you'll be keeping track of the lasts. Hopefully, you won't be blindsided when you come into college. If something comes up, just keep calm and ask for help. Be sure to keep an open, level-headed mind and college will be a piece of cake.

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It's Time To Thank Your First Roommate

Not the horror story kind of roommate, but the one that was truly awesome.

Nostalgic feelings have recently caused me to reflect back on my freshman year of college. No other year of my life has been filled with more ups and downs, and highs and lows, than freshman year. Throughout all of the madness, one factor remained constant: my roommate. It is time to thank her for everything. These are only a few of the many reasons to do so, and this goes for roommates everywhere.

You have been through all the college "firsts" together.

If you think about it, your roommate was there through all of your first college experiences. The first day of orientation, wishing you luck on the first days of classes, the first night out, etc. That is something that can never be changed. You will always look back and think, "I remember my first day of college with ____."

You were even each other's first real college friend.

You were even each other's first real college friend.

Months before move-in day, you were already planning out what freshman year would be like. Whether you previously knew each other, met on Facebook, or arranged to meet in person before making any decisions, you made your first real college friend during that process.

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The transition from high school to college is not easy, but somehow you made it out on the other side.

It is no secret that transitioning from high school to college is difficult. No matter how excited you were to get away from home, reality hit at some point. Although some people are better at adjusting than others, at the times when you were not, your roommate was there to listen. You helped each other out, and made it through together.

Late night talks were never more real.

Remember the first week when we stayed up talking until 2:00 a.m. every night? Late night talks will never be more real than they were freshman year. There was so much to plan for, figure out, and hope for. Your roommate talked, listened, laughed, and cried right there with you until one of you stopped responding because sleep took over.

You saw each other at your absolute lowest.

It was difficult being away from home. It hurt watching relationships end and losing touch with your hometown friends. It was stressful trying to get in the swing of college level classes. Despite all of the above, your roommate saw, listened, and strengthened you.

...but you also saw each other during your highest highs.

After seeing each other during the lows, seeing each other during the highs was such a great feeling. Getting involved on campus, making new friends, and succeeding in classes are only a few of the many ways you have watched each other grow.

There was so much time to bond before the stresses of college would later take over.

Freshman year was not "easy," but looking back on it, it was more manageable than you thought at the time. College only gets busier the more the years go on, which means less free time. Freshman year you went to lunch, dinner, the gym, class, events, and everything else possible together. You had the chance to be each other's go-to before it got tough.

No matter what, you always bounced back to being inseparable.

Phases of not talking or seeing each other because of business and stress would come and go. Even though you physically grew apart, you did not grow apart as friends. When one of you was in a funk, as soon as it was over, you bounced right back. You and your freshman roommate were inseparable.

The "remember that one time, freshman year..." stories never end.

Looking back on freshman year together is one of my favorite times. There are so many stories you have made, which at the time seemed so small, that bring the biggest laughs today. You will always have those stories to share together.

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The unspoken rule that no matter how far apart you grow, you are always there for each other.

It is sad to look back and realize everything that has changed since your freshman year days. You started college with a clean slate, and all you really had was each other. Even though you went separate ways, there is an unspoken rule that you are still always there for each other.

Your old dorm room is now filled with two freshmen trying to make it through their first year. They will never know all the memories that you made in that room, and how it used to be your home. You can only hope that they will have the relationship you had together to reflect on in the years to come.

Cover Image Credit: Katie Ward

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An Open Letter To My RA

Thank you for not being the absolute worst.


We've all heard stories of resident assistants, the horror stories of them being the absolute worst. When you move into a dorm room one of your biggest fears is your resident assistant.

Will you get along with them, will you be able to talk to them, will they write you up for the littlest thing? They're all different but somehow, I got lucky with the best resident assistant that Missouri State University has to offer.

My RA has the brightest personality and knows how to make the best of any situation. She knew how to click with all of us the day that we moved in and made us all feel so welcomed and at home. Almost immediately after we had moved in, she was putting us all into a group chat and creating group events for all thirty-some girls, and I am forever thankful for that.

My RA was a rock to me and always stuck by my side when I needed her most despite what happened to be going on in her life at the time. She knew how to calm me down, how to keep my secrets, and how to laugh with me when I needed it most. She helped all of us create this bond that I feel wouldn't be there if it wasn't for her. She created group dinners and craft nights, movie nights and study nights, and so much more.

I was scared when I moved to college that I was going to have an RA that wouldn't really care about the experience that I have my first year. I've met many people that rarely have interactions with their RA unless they're required to attend a floor meeting. They don't feel they have someone to talk to, and the only person they really know on their floor is their roommate.

I got lucky with an RA that has a genuine passion and concern for us and for what she is there for, and if we don't feel safe and okay then she feels like she isn't doing her job right.

I have so much to thank her for that I'm not really sure where to start. I want to thank her for never really getting upset and always being reasonable with us no matter what the situation was. I want to thank her for including us on details in her life and gossiping with us even when she doesn't have to. Not only that but listening and being involved in our own drama and gossip.

I want to thank her for all of the hour or so talks whether it was crying or laughing, and reassuring us the most when we think we're going through something alone. I want to thank her for all of the dinner dates. All of the movie, song, tv show, local restaurants, attractions, and all the other suggestions she's made to us.

I want to thank her for the Women Empowerment Wednesday's when we all need it the most. I want to thank her for all of the cookie and buff dip pick-me-ups, and the shoutouts that we deserve on our birthdays.

My RA has shown me what it is like for someone to go above and beyond when honestly, they don't need to at all. My RA has inspired me in more ways than she'll ever know and has made me comfortable to do things I never imagined myself doing.

Not only this, but she has inspired me to be an RA in the future, to help all on-campus students strive to do and be the best they can even when it feels impossible. So, to the best RA that Missouri State University has to offer, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. #FreddyHouseBestHouse #FYBForever

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