college move-in day tips freshman year

19 Move-in day Tips So you aren’t calling your parents to pick you up the day After

Move-in day is stressful for everyone, trust me, but hopefully, these 19 tips can make it a little less difficult.


Move-in day is an exciting day, the day your new life begins you will leave behind your parents and your home and begin on this new chapter of your life. Fair warning: Unless you have your life together or have had a sibling move into college, then this process can be long and stressful, but remember to take your time and be patient you will get through it.

1. Do NOT bring all of your stuff

You really do not need as much as you think you do. You will practice acquire an entire new wardrobe while you are at college anyway.

2. You do not have to go all out on decorating

By all means make it feel at home but do not feel pressured to decorate every inch of free space because you should not be spending all your time in your dorm anyway.

3. Be Strategic

Plan ahead with your roommate with what you need and do not need and be smart when packing, try to pack as much together as you can but also try and pack things together that would go together. For example, put all your bathroom stuff in one box, all your kitchen stuff in another, etc.

4. You won't know what you need exactly until you get there

The space is so different once you put all your stuff in it so do not feel like you have to have every little thing before you move in, you can still buy stuff after you move in. Thankfully there are plenty of Targets and Bed Bath and Beyonds to help get your self situated!

5. Clean out your closet every now and then

Cleaning out your closet before you go is a huge help, or even over Christmas break, because I promise you are going to get so many free shirts and clothes it is ridiculous.

6. Get rest the night before

I know you are excited to be all moved in and move away from home, but get rest, move-in day is exhausting.

7. Drink lots of water

You are going to be moving a lot and if you go to school in the south, it is going to be hot, stay hydrated.

8. Take Breaks

It is perfectly okay to take breaks, you do not have to get it all done within the first two hours of being there, it is okay, do not overwork yourself or your parents. Go eat with your parents, spend time with them, you will miss them once they leave, I promise.

9. You are not alone

Move-in can be overwhelming and what didn't seem like a lot of stuff now feels like a lot of stuff and it is okay. You are surrounded by people feeling the same way you are, take a break and go talk to one of them, make a new friend.

10. Ask for help

Do not be afraid to ask an RA or FA for help, it is what they are there for and it will make things a lot easier and they have been in your shoes before!

11. Be of help

If you see someone else struggling or stressed and you have already finished unpacking or have some extra time, lend a helping hand, it can make a world of difference and you can make a new friend.

12. Buy your groceries after

Do not come with a ton of groceries, you will want to leave the room for a break at some point and when you do it can be the perfect time to buy groceries, because you might need a few snacks every now and then.

13. Move-in is nothing compared to move-out

By the time move out has rolled around you have accumulated all this new stuff and you are going to leave with more than you came with, just be prepared and maybe start taking home some stuff over breaks that you aren't using so move out is not so bad.

14. Try to bring essentials

Yes you can always buy stuff while you are down there but chances are everyone is going to need the same stuff you do, be strategic.

15. Clean your dorm before you unpack

The cleaning staff does a wonderful job but you can never be too sure. Bring some Lysol wipes (you'll thank me later!)

16. Make a list

If everyone is pitching in on stuff to bring for the living room or kitchen or bathroom, make a list of what all you brought so you make sure to leave with it all.

17. Split the costs

Do not feel like you have to pay for everything for the living room, split up some of the stuff with your roommate, it will save you a lot of money, you will need it.

18. You may not do it all in one day

You might not get it all done in one day and that is okay. Do NOT feel like you have to have it all done in one day, you have a lot of time.

19. Do early check in

If possible try and do early check in times, It is not as hot and it gives you more time to unpack and spend time with your family.

College is such an exciting time, but don't leave everything until the last minute! Take your time and remember you are not alone!

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Now That Freshman Year Is Over, I Can See That Life DOES Go On And Get Better

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