It's here; midterms. The second to worst thing (behind finals of course) to happen in college. You're half way through the semester (yay!), but that only means it’s time to take tests, do presentations, write a paper, or (when in doubt) drop a class. In some cases, if you’re part of the unlucky group, you get that lovely email reminding you that your grade in a class is not up to par. Midterms is like when you start showing signs and symptoms for a cold, where finals is more like being hit with the flu. Both are just terrible, terrible things.

As a student you’re supposed to want to learn and let’s face it, we do. It’s just the testing of the knowledge you’ve gained that is unnecessary. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of tests. Sometimes I do amazing on tests and it barely touches my grade, when others I completely bomb and my grade goes down like a sinking ship. Bye bye 4.0!

I don’t think teachers remember what it was like being a student. They don't remember that we are taking more than one class, that we do have a social life, or that sleep is a thing. Trying to balance life is a lot harder than they made it seem. I’m doing terrible at it if anyone was wondering. Send help.

But in reality, you’re going to do great on your midterms. They will be over before you know it! Go get those A’s babe.

And, if you happen to know a tutor for science majors, send them my way.